GamerGaia Preview: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 will be an even bigger surprise than it’s predecessors. What we have seen at this year’s E3 was enough to make us itch and scream in pain at nights, begging God to send us Mass Effect 3 right now.

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EvilDonkey2570d ago

Oh I cant wait....

ME2's epic surprise, was that it wasn't even a RPG!

lolpidian2570d ago

What BioWare did right was not to try and show it as a RPG but accept it as an action game with RPG elements.

Eades2570d ago

Yeah BioWare has sort of been missing the mark with their last few titles... If ME3 turns out like Dragon Age 2 I'm probably going to go insane...

Mattman3102570d ago

I think 3 will be the best one. Too bad we have to wait til March.