Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 E3 Impressions

"I was able to get some hands-on time with two marquee titles that will be in direct competition with each other: Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Not to my surprise, both titles are fundamentally the same as the titles that precede"

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halo4fan2747d ago

ok no one should think mw3 looks better

lil Titan2747d ago

i dont understand why this is even an article i mean COD IS THE SAME FROM MW2 and one. i mean this is good for Activision they sale you the same shi... just put a different name on it...sorta like a drug dealer

evrfighter2747d ago

To author

Trollings an art...please dont dabble in paint before you know how to use crayons.

raWfodog2747d ago

I am no fanboy of either but I enjoy playing both. To me, BF3 has the superior graphics but we'll see how it looks on consoles (I believe all the footage that we've seen so far is from PC). I still suspect MW3 will enjoy higher games sales because of greater marketing and name-brand recognition with the "casual" gamer.

Me, I plan on getting both because I just love playing games. I want to continue MW3's story and I want to drive tanks in BF3 :)

giantchicken2747d ago

MW3 looks way better battlefield is the same thing every game

Pandamobile2747d ago


Troll harder next time.

PRHB HYBRiiD2747d ago

lolz is the other way around??

Crystallis2747d ago

He has the opposite of what you say disease.

Mastersnake102747d ago

I'm more hyped for modern warfare than battlefield and maybe the dude really thinks battlefield is the same thing every game. No need to jump down his throat

death2smoochie2747d ago

I think you can troll harder

LeShin2747d ago

lmao!! That link really did make me laugh out loud!

MysticStrummer2747d ago

Since you're being opposite man in the face of reality, perhaps you are a small turkey?

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Dart892747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I'm sorry but cod is outdated and worn out.

COD:God damn there's a damn camper behind that wall.

BF3:What wall??:D

LOL at giant chicken you might want to get you're eyes checked.

DirtyLary2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

They will milk that quake 3 engine to the end of time.
Or until the xbox gets a new console The 360 isn't able to run a new engine.

Overmind4202747d ago

Is this even a question? Activism is ruining MW with Haol BS. Battlefield 3 won't sell as good but will be the better game.

yakityyakblah2747d ago

Battlefield 3 is objectively more technically demanding. The other side of that is that for those of you without great computers you're not going to be playing a game that looks that good.

BlackKnight2747d ago

Even a medium range computer can have a DX11 video card and run the game at something like 1050P at 30FPS and medium settings and look way better than console.

You only need a "great" computer if you are wanting the MAX DX11 settings, 1080P and 60FPS, that's how far behind consoles are unfortunately for them.

cogniveritas2747d ago

I think you're seriously overstating when you say a medium range computer with DX11 running a game on medium would look "way better" than on consoles. I gamefly'd Crysis 2 for PS3 and having not yet played it on my PC, I had nothing to complain about visually because there were no MEANINGFUL visual shortcomings worth complaining about. I liked it and decided to get it for PC but I wasn't about to get a new PC. I have a laptop I bought for $1700 two years ago with an 8800gts, T9500 dual core & 4gb Ram, which ran the original Crysis like charm. The laptop is worth no less than $600 on ebay today but it ran Crysis 2 no where near as well as the dated PS3 did.

I'm just saying I think you are underestimating what kind of computer you'll need to really run Battlefield 3 in a way that is meaningfully better than on a cheap console.

BlackKnight2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

First of all, you would have to run Crysis 2 at a little below 720P on the PC and at the lowest graphical setting to get close to the graphics of the PS3 version.

"The lowest PC spec, “High”, is almost the same as the spec used on consoles, besides perplatform differences, such as different texture formats for render targets and different
normal map formats on PS3 due to lack of 3Dc support. PC specs also feature improved
texture quality, since we do not use streaming for PC due to the vast memory resources

Second, you are comparing a laptop, A PORTABLE gaming platform, to a console? And considering that the 8800 series came out in early 2007 and you bought a laptop with an 8800gts in it in 2009 and it costing you $1,700 means you got ripped off.

I'd really like to know your laptop's FULL specs and what the actual average framerate was on the lowest settings at 720P (which is still better graphically than the console version).

Mid-low range DX11 card for 113 bucks:

HIS HD 5750 IceQ Plus

AvP, average 31FPS at 1680x1050 on medium settings, no AA, 8xAF

Mafia 2, Average 41FPS at 1680x1050 on Medium Settings, no AA, 4xAF)

Way higher resolution and better graphics and still running 30 or 40 FPS.

And considering one of the big things about DX11 is multithreaded rendering, performance increases over DX9 are quite alot. I think you will be surprised what a mid ranged DX11 PC can look like while playing BF3.

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