GameOn: BREAKING NEWS - Duke Nukem Forever PC to have Dedicated Servers

GameOn Writes -"This just in, Duke Nukem Forever on PC will have dedicated servers for it's experienced PC users."

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JimmyG2630d ago

W00t. LAN play FTW. It's going to be huge!

DoomeDx2630d ago

Breaking news?
If mw2 wouldnt have made it so populair to not have dedicated servers, it wouldnt have been breaking news

JimmyG2630d ago

You will be surprised how many big games don't have LAN support.

evrfighter12629d ago

ohhhh heyyyy breaking news

game would have no chance without em.

suriel2630d ago

But sadly thats the state of it now.
So many FPS titles dont feature this once essential inclusion, that when it eventually does happen it is breaking news.
Its a rarity these days and it is a feature that the PC gaming community cares about.

chak_2629d ago

what for? 4V4 will be dead in 1 month I'm sure

fluffydelusions2629d ago

I don't picture the MP taking off.

DiffusionE2629d ago

It's kinda sad how having dedicated servers on PC is "breaking news" these days.

suriel2629d ago

Definately, Should be a standard feature but thats the attitude towards pc gamers for you I guess :(

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