VG247: Horde Mode in Gears 3 gets previewed, Beast Mode videoed

An updated version of the mode from Gears 2, it has added command posts and fortifications players choose on the game map. Whatever area you choose for a fortification will depend upon your play style, and you can can also upgrade the command posts as you progress. You will do this by spending money earned on building up defenses, adding turrets, and making use of decoys, and much more. You earn more cash for the amount of kills you make, and you can use it to upgrade or repair your fortification before the next wave of enemies come.

Horde mode in Gears 3 features five different Locust and Lambents, and for every 10 waves out of 50 total, you will have to face-off against a boss. Bonus Objectives and “mutators” will be added, such as getting a certain number of head-shots in the time allotted. Cash and bonus items are handed out upon completion of these missions. Mutators include big head mode and a laugh track in the background.

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Looks freaking great! I cant wait!
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