E3 2011: Carmack: PCs “an order of magnitude” more powerful than consoles

" Yesterday Tim caught up with id Software co-founder John Carmack for a frank discussion about the evolving technology powering the games industry, and why advances on the PC in recent years have convinced him to make a “large change of direction” in the way he develops games.

The main reason for this? Sheer processing power. When Carmack started developing Rage, consoles and the PC were roughly equivalent. Now Carmack says “we have an order of magnitude more power on the PCs.” "

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DrRichtofen2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

pc stronger than consoles? well no shit

Anarki2744d ago

In recent news, shit was found in the woods today.

Police have traced it back to a bear!

evrfighter2744d ago

Lol carmack you douche. Weren't you blaming pc for poor sales because you couldn't comprehend why your mediocre games weren't selling.

Practice what you preach. Dont make consolized games and not take advantage of the pc's power then come out and start glorifying pc horsepower

aCasualGamer2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

This is stupid. Really.

Everyone should know by now that the discussion between Consoles vs PC's is mute.

PC's can be built. PC's can be manually upgraded with newer parts. PC's are what developers work on initially to create all the ingame parts.

Consoles are stuck with the same tech since launch day.

It's like saying; motorcycles are faster and better than bicycles.

sikbeta2744d ago

You Don't need a prestigious developer like Carmack to tell you that :P

ikkokucrisis2744d ago

Sooo Karmacy, does that mean Rage will look an order of magnitude better on PC than on a console, hmm??

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raWfodog2744d ago

Even though I enjoy gaming on consoles, I think no one would disagree that PC's have the higher processing power, graphical or otherwise. But didn't Daniel Jackson, um, I mean, John Carmack already state this before.

We get it, man. You like PCs :)

ATiElite2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Carmack is so full of shite i have to have toilet paper handy every time i read an article with him in it.

Core 2 Duo and 8800gt are still FAR superior to any console today as those were the hot chips back in 2005-2006. Carmack didn't start Rage until after the ID tech 5 Demo first shown June 11, 2007, at Apple's WWDC, Crysis was released 5 months later in November which still looks better than any console game.

Only a hand full of games have ever been or come close to a $100 million dollar Dev price tag. Shenmue, GTAIV, Gran Turismo 5 other than that most games are made between $10 and $30 million dollars. So this $100 million cost Carmack is talking about is just FALSE.

Crysis cost $22 million dollars to make, it was a PC exclusive and has sold over 3.5 million copies plus another 1.8 million for Crysis Warhead. With the exception of MMO's like WOW, Star Wars, Tera, Rift Eve, etc Crysis is the most expensive PC Exclusive made with the next being Starcraft 2 around $20 million but it sold like 3 million copies the first week.

I'm sure Battlefield 3 (the best looking game ever) has surpassed Crysis as far as Development cost but I can't find any hard numbers.

Either way Carmack is an Ass Clown. The PC makes money but Devs find it way too easy to just make a cheap console version and port it to the PC then blame their crappy sales figures on pirating instead of the truth, "PC Gamers Do Not buy crappy ports". All quality well made PC titles have sold very well.

Catatafish2743d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself

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theonlylolking2745d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

PC's are far more graphical processing power and that is only because of being able to upgrade.

I know people that are upgrading and buying new PC's just to play BF3 and that is because someone(DICE) is actually doing what crytek did in 2007.

People will buy new hardware if there is something worth buying it for. So if more devs start doing what Dice, and 4A games are doing then more people will start buying PC's and devs can make more money on it.

Since devs keep sticking with current gen consoles and not moving away people will not see the need for a new console and Nintendo, M$ and sony will be able to keep a gen going for a long time.

I bet naughty dog of guerilla games could get Killzone 3 or uncharted 3 graphics running 60fps with a res of 720p since they are able to render two images at once with 3d. So one image should be pretty easy for them to get 60fps.

Back then know one would have thought that an RSX could do KZ3 graphics in 3d

Simonkey752744d ago

Sometimes you need someone to push the tech envelope to get innovation going again - and the PC will always be the best place to do that. Then it filters down to the consoles and everyone's a winner.

nycrekid2744d ago

The elitist pc gamers that will upgrade just for one game is by far the minority of pc gamers. If everyone would just upgrade to play the latest game then why make a game to run on older hardware also. Sure it's better to run on the newest hardware but all games on pc can also run on older hardware.

If all pc developers made games that can only run on the newest hardware it would be the death of pc gaming.

not to say that no one wants the newest hardware. it's just that the shit is expensive and not everyone got it like that!

BlackKnight2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

DX11 has been out for over a year. You can get a medium range DX11 card these days for CHEAP and runs CIRCLES around consoles, that's how far behind consoles are right now.

PS, the first DX11 video card came out early Fall 2009...

KillerPwned2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I upgraded my rig i am good on everything but i needed a new GPU. I bought a MSI GTX 560-Ti Hawk Edition and gonna over clock it soon to 1080Ghz. This card is a beast has easily destroyed games like The Witcher 2.

I pretty much upgraded for BF3 myself i am a huge PC BF fan.

BlackKnight2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )


Uh, KZ3 runs at 640x716 when in 3D, Not 1280x720 (720P). Even worse is all alpha effects (explosions, smoke, etc) run at a measly 320x360 in 3D. Also the pop-in becomes absolutely horrible.

I haven't heard what res UC3 is in 3D, but don't expect 720P...

qwertyz2744d ago

true but still PLAY B3YOND

BlackKnight2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Seriously? Just ignore facts then repeat a marketing phrase?

Fanboyism -_-

Unless that is sarcasm of course.

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