Sony to Experiment With PS Vita and PS3 Combo To Replicate Wii U

Being the first next generation console shown, all eyes were on Nintendo’s Wii U at this year’s E3. The biggest innovation brought by the console is the controller, which aims to open up new gameplay possibilities with a a 6.2″ touch screen controller. However, many gamers began to wonder whether the PS3 and PlayStation Vita could do the same thing. SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida also believes that the combination could work, saying that Sony are experimenting with the idea.

Yoshida spoke to Develop about the Wii U and the Vita and PS3:

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xskipperx822749d ago Show
Uncharted3Goty2748d ago

these is a good move by sony.

it will Be a great combo to replace the wii

sporteous1212122747d ago

It will be the PS3 V. lol.

I think it will be a good move to because third-party game developers would be able to make similar games between the two consoles.

...and Microsoft will have Kinect...

blackburn102748d ago

Ummmm. where did he say he was going to replicate the Wii U? Sony has been talking about the connection between the PS3 and the VITA for months now even before Nintendo revealed the Wii U. What is all this crap with copying or trying to do like Nintendo everyone keeps going on about? Sega Dreamcast and the PS3 had connections to their controllers and systems long before this. Why does this kind of crap get approved?

stragomccloud2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Well Nintendo did actually implement that kind of interface with the gamecube 10 years ago. Didn't really go all that well though. Crystal Chronicles was fun, though.

edit: Sega did it with the Dreamcast as well, but you could only display so much on that little screen.
...I miss Dreamcast.

stragomccloud2747d ago

Didn't they also talk about connecting the PS3 and PSP? Didn't really come to much. Just like Gamecube and gameboy advance, and Wii and DS.

I hope Sony does go through with it, unlike Nintendo and themselves in the past.

Want PSV now!!!

DethRob642747d ago

There Was little 3rd party Support on Tne GameCube to GBA DS And Wii DS

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