Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 - Why It's Hated

GP blogger, Shane writes, "Now, I know to some it isn't such a big deal. But for those a fan of the BiA games it really, really is. They threw everything about Brothers in Arms and tossed it out. This is just unheard of for me. They completely jumped the shark and they don't seem to care. I'm so pissed off I'm about to make a petition to Ubisoft and Gearbox."

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DrRichtofen2719d ago

Really? who gives a shit what the name is. If this is what your biggest worry is I think you should get out more.

Pintheshadows2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Jeez Louise. It's Gearbox. It will be solid. If the BiA fans don't like it don't buy it. I liked the originals but i'm all in for this because it looks like FUN.

MassOnesumis2718d ago

The previous games weren't FUN. I found those fun. Its like if the sequel to Saving Private Ryan was the rescue scene from Tropic Thunder except made into a full movie.

But, I haven't played so I have to reserve judgement till I see the final product.

Pintheshadows2718d ago

Yeah but come on. Gearbox has the right to take the franchise where ever they want. It actually stands out amongst the avalanche. If they had done just another BiA it would of been complaints from all angles about just another WW2 game. At least this looks like some creative thought has been put behind it.

Just for the record I liked the previous BiA games but i'm not going to wail on Gearbox for trying something different with one of their IPs.

ExitToExisT2718d ago

i wish they would stick to the regular bia formula.

Dazel2718d ago

So do i, this is a joke. I was hoping for good co op campaign, losing the shite MP of that last game and go back to the earlier objective based MP.

All my friends were stoked about a new BiA, none could give a toss about this. Such a crying shame, i was sold on the first games realism, thoughtful combat.

Where did this come from ffs?????

TheLastGuardian20102718d ago

Jesus Christ, so many people are whiners. Like others said, if you don't like it, then don't buy it. Some could care less about the Brother in Arms name, and really like the "Glorious Bastards" route it's taking. Way more interesting than fighting Nazi's in the same ww2 period that we've experienced time after time.

gaminoz2718d ago

Fair enough comment; I won't buy it. Looks crap.

TheLastGuardian20102718d ago

Um, all we've seen is a 2 minute cg trailer, with no info to go by.

Jumping the gun a bit?

gaminoz2717d ago

I admit I could be...but the style isn't my sort of thing :)

Halochampian2713d ago

Ive seen the gameplay. (was at e3. They served German beer in the room.. always nice).

The game was not what i expected obviously. It kinda reminded me of the Darkness for some reason with coop. It didnt look bad. The guy was running around throwing pickaxes at people. killing with style. Had a mini boss in there which was kinda cool. But in short.. over the top action that doesnt take itself too seriously.

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