Microsoft at E3: Reality Bites

The really juicy bits of E3 are over, and it seems that of the three platform holders, Microsoft has been universally voted down into third place. Whilst watching their press conference, we could tell what the reaction was going to be, simply because of their focus on Kinect titles. Regardless, the consensus is that they failed on three fronts.

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Urmomlol2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

They have Forza, Gears and two Halo games.

Yup, they abandoned the hardcore. Gamers are morons.

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perfectCarbonara2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

They had that last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that.

@ sin151

So Mass Effect voice control and GR Gunsmith mode now means that those games are exclusive to MS ?

Minecraft is on PC, Halo CE is a remake (or should I count Shadow of the Colossus and Ico remakes as new Sony exclusives now)

Sony showed live demos of the PSVita packed with kickass features at an awesome price, a cheap ass 3D TV deal. Dust 514, StarHawk, Sly 4 Move control for Bioshock: Infinite, Ruin with hybrid PS3/PSV gameplay, Uncharted: Golden Abyss

lol, Gunsmith mode, who's gonna waste their time with that nonsense, we're gamers, not S.A.S operatives that care about the inner workings of a rifle. You'll mess around with it for five minutes, then play the MP for a week and then bury the game forever.

WTF are you talking about !?

MariaHelFutura2719d ago

3 games every 2 years IS hardcore, but not for the right reason.

Morgue2719d ago

" Xbox BING exclusives "

Godmars2902719d ago

Fable might not be on rails but there's more than likely tons of auto-locking and homing shots. One of Forza 4's most talked about features is Kinect integration and head tacking. Meanwhile Halo 4 (5 and 6) was literally just and only announced with no hint of features. You really want to bet that Kinect wont be one of them?

They haven't "abandoned" hardcore, but they want them to buy Kinect. They want you to buy the console, buy XBL Gold and buy Kinect. Defend MS all you want, but those are facts.

gamingdroid2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"They haven't "abandoned" hardcore, but they want them to buy Kinect. They want you to buy the console, buy XBL Gold and buy Kinect. Defend MS all you want, but those are facts."

Because Sony doesn't want you to buy PSN Plus, PS Move, PSP Go, PSP Vita, or any of their 3D Tv's specifically the new 24" $499. Heck, they don't even want you to buy any blu-ray movies.

Nintendo definitely do not want you to buy a 3DS, Wii or even the Wii U.

What's wrong with a company wanting you to buy their stuff?

I would question a company's management and it's existence if it was the opposite. Making products that nobody wants!

Upbeat2719d ago

Well for a start I got bored with his sarcasim 5minutes into reading it, and then I noticed WOW he is a fanboy and closed the window. ok Microsofts first hour or so was great with ghost recon on kinect i was very impressed with, But when they where talking about kinect for the rest of the show i was like fs, and that disney game? ok its for familys and what not but making a big deal out of it being an exclusive was just winding me up to be honest. And then i seen a game with Big Bird and im like fuck this im going back to playing halo 3. which i did btw, think this Years E3 was great for sony, and Its no ones elses fault for microsoft having a lack of exclusives this year. OK GOW3 and HALO4 are massive but i mean how long can microsoft keep launching these two Epic Hits before it just becomes lack of imagation?

dkp232718d ago

Ya, not sure why people think MS abandoned the "hardcore". People are just black and white, either it is hardcore or casual and you cant have both.

Obviously you can as MS has audiences in both the hardcore and casual in addition to including some of the kinect features in hardcore. If you want an example of abandoning hardcore, look at Nintendo.

Pyscho_Mantis2718d ago

hmmmm how many games is that for next year ummmm 1...Not to mention we knew about three out of four games way before. Microsoft has nothing other than Halo,Gears, Fable and Forza which they cant just milk. It was pretty synonymous, over at GTTV, IGN and all of youtube that M$ blew it big time...

Inside_out2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I predominately game on the 360 the most but overall I was a little disappointed in the show.

There was a lot of information missing. It was kinda like they are holding back and following the script they laid out before Kinect was announced and it was steady as she goes with Kinect extending the life cycle of the 360 by a year or so and that brings me to my main point that...

...2012 will bring the introduction of a NEW doubt about it. This was the kind of show where your saving all your information for a later date. Window 8 is, according to people who follow such things, a 2012 launch. Where was all the skype stuff, more than one person raised their eyebrows on that one. Spend 8.5 billion dollars on ANYTHING and you would here something about it. Windows 7???...Mega Meshes was a big demo...nothing. They are changing the discs...nothing...NOPE, they will do the same thing they did in E3 2010 and that is release the " NEW " console the same year it is announced, just like the 360 S. Halo 4 will be a launch title for the new console. This way the competition is clueless about it specks and how they will compete with it.

I think Sony had the better vision for the next 12 months. Their handheld is at least twice as powerful as the Sony 3DS, they will continue to push 3D gaming and they hope the PSN hack is behind them.

Nintendo has some gaping holes. They are releasing games on 3DS and ignoring the Wii itself. I didn't know if the hand held screen was the console or not till after the press showing. Nobody still knows the exact specs of the thing other than it will be similar to 360/PS3...just a mess to me and those Japanese guys should just hire a English speaking mc and be done with funny as it was to watch them make those funny faces...O_o

ArBilly2718d ago

This guys missed the point. He has an entire list of games, saying "Microsoft didn't abandon the hardcore," but almost every one of those is multiplat.

I remember back in 2007 I had a stack of great 360 console exclusives, just begging for my time. Games that I couldn't play anywhere else, except maybe if I had a high end PC.

Now I go a year between buying games for my 360 because there aren't any I want to play. I don't trust the hardware because I've had so many die on me so I buy all my multiplats on the "other" console. That leaves me with Gears. Then a year. Then Halo. Then a year. Then Gears. Then another Halo. (I'm sorry, I'm not a racing fan. Forza does nothing for me - and actually looks cartoony in-game in my opinion)

When it comes to console exclusives, other than Kinect titles - they've all but disappeared for the 360 in the past few years and when a decent one comes out, like Alan Wake - hardly any 360 owners buy them. They're so busy buying nothing but Gears/Halo/COD.

No wonder Microsoft has abandoned the core gamers looking for casual bucks. So where do the core gamers now turn for exclusive, new IP's? I know where I went.

Redgehammer2718d ago

It could be argued that you are missing each others point. I agree that there are plenty of excellent sounding games coming out for my 360, why do I need a new console for a few more? My 360 is an investment that has brought good times and laughter to my home and that is never a bad thing. However, I do acknowledge that there are countless permutations of what hardcore can mean to someone. Our's, just are not the same, and that is ok.

As far as the main article is concerned, I agree completely.

gamingdroid2718d ago

Now, what I see is MS is 100% behind Kinect, not some half @ssed last minute showing of a device that seems to get half @ssed implementation.

This is what you guys/gals been clamoring since early this year when Kinect was release, and now you got it... but the tune has changed!

iHEARTboobs2718d ago

"They have Forza, Gears and two Halo games.

Yup, they abandoned the hardcore. Gamers are morons. "

How about something different?

strickers2718d ago

4 games over 2 years?When do you think Halo 4 is out?late next year I'd guess.

iHEARTboobs2718d ago

I'm not saying that it's too soon. I'd just like to see more variety.

Kon2718d ago

well said Urmomlol, well said

rob60212718d ago

They used Forza And gears last year though at E3. Why is it ok to to delay games so they can reuse them at the show for another year.

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prodg522719d ago

What's the deal with the new tv service. I can't find any info on it.

Wikkid6662719d ago

Not really a new service. Just means that they are working out the details with more cable providers to offer the service in the future. MS will never offer cable service directly... they will just allow you to connect to IPTV that is available by the cable provider in your area.

Already offered in the US by AT&T and has been available in the UK for years by Sky.

Burning_Finger2719d ago

Microsoft should just stick making windows for PC.

Moentjers2718d ago

They do have great other software that most on this site probably never won't use.
MS Dynamics CRM ? Sharepoint ? TFS ? Project ? SQL Server ?

NotoriousWarrior2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

@ Urmomlol you are the moron with people having an issue with MS. the 4 games you listed are coming throughout 2 years and if you are alright with that then thats fine but no one is a moron for expecting more games.

Those games will be good but for 2 years if those are all MS can offer as their own exclusives then people should demand more.

Forza 4 just looks like 3 and one halo is a remake. im not saying thats bad but what is MS thinking.

and I wanna buy a 360 but so far MS has given me no reason other than Halo 4 but thats one game and around 16 months away from release and i wont buy a new console and pay for live just for that.

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KMxRetro2719d ago

Three of the four games you listed, are out by the end of the year.

What should they have done? Created another first person shooter to compete with CoD, Battlefield, and every other game that was shown at E3? How about a platformer? No, can't do that...platformers are "for kids" after all. Driving game that beats GT5? Done. Sequel to Rez? Done. Every big third-party release available for their system? Done.

I don't know what people actually want.

etowntwo2719d ago

I only own an Xbox and even I can say that it just plain obvious that the 360 needs more core exclusive and they really let me down at E3 this year.

Not that PS had a much better E3 showing cause they sucked too, but if your a gamer, you already know PS3 has a ton of exclusives now and coming of every genre out there.
Sly and Dust are just two examples of genre's that MS lacks ... A kiddy platformer and a MMO.

Mottsy2718d ago

Well said KMX. And thats exactly how ms and sony think. they know all the 3rd party coming out. they would be crazy to compete with those. and just bad business. uncharted 3 has as many sequels as gears. MGS is about as many as Halo. Thats how game company works. when you hate,hate, hate your just screwing yourself over as a gamer. this who's stick is bigger then yours fight as gone on long enough.

KMxRetro2718d ago

etowntwo - You're right on the MMO front. MS could do with an MMO, but not Dust, which looked average at best.

As for a kiddy platformer, they've got Rayman Origins heading to the system by the end of the year, and a fair few platform-style games kicking around on Xbox Live Arcade. Hell, given that only about four people actually bought Banjo Kazooie on 360, they could re-release that if everyone's desperate for something along those lines!

bestofthebest2719d ago

microsoft is slippn they have a good online system but they need more exclusives.

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