Hidden Bonuses of the Playstation Welcome Back Program

Goozer: The Welcome Back program Sony launched to apologize to PlayStation gamers everywhere won the hearts of many gamers. With the easily displayed “Welcome Back” tab on the PS Store, you found a free theme, 30 days of PS Plus, 2 free PS3 games, and 2 PSP games. With some ease you could also grab some great PS Plus deals. If you dig a little further, you might find an easy-to-miss freebie and some features you may have forgotten about

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solidsnake2222745d ago

Almost missed that free theme!

lil Titan2745d ago

they missed the 3 movies you get free for 30 days i think. Bad Boys, Ghostbusters, and Final Fantasy

Washington-Capitals2745d ago

What happens to cloud saves once subscription expires?

Scary692745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Unless you stay with Plus you will lose it all, I am not sure about themes though.

Lyr1c2745d ago

You only lose free games.

Everything else, you keep forever.

Scary692744d ago

If that is the case then you can keep all the free themes and dynamic themes, since there seems to be a lot of that in plus.

solidsnake2222745d ago

Just a guess, but I think they stay online, but are unaccessable until your subscription is renewed.

Burning_Finger2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Playstation + is more than enough for the compensation. I was able to downloads tons of games, themes and DLC and more for free.

I can't wait for more free games to come on the network.

Dart892745d ago

If i download the KZ3 map pack with ps+ will it go away after my subscription ends??

solidsnake2222745d ago

Yeah, because it was 100% free. You can keep free avatars and themes, and anything you spend any amount of cash on, but other freebies leave when your subscription ends.

bestofthebest2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I was looking in to this also and found out out that once the subscription ends you will lose it. You do not get to keep Add on content. It really seems like you only get to keep avatars and themes, games purchased at discount, and of course the 2 free games

Colmshan19902745d ago

They've changed in the subscription in the EU, and I presume worldwide.
The only thing that you lose NOW is the free games. We get to keep the DLC.
But it wasn't like that at first.

Focker4202745d ago

No thats not true solidsnake22, ANY DLC unless stated otherwise is free forever, even after the subscription ends. So no Dart89, even after you stop using PS+ you will still have your KZ3 map pack

solidsnake2222745d ago

I don't know about that guys, in fact, when I downloaded the DLC on Friday it told me I only keep DLC that I pay for. Wanna provide a link colmshan?

Wh15ky2745d ago

What region are all you guys in? I'm in UK so it's the EU store and as far as I can tell most things have been removed from PS+, it's more like a demo version we're getting.

There's a few free games (burnout paradise, 3 or 4 minis and that card game), some price reductions available on some games and some themes. But there is no free DLC that I can see.

Am I missing something? Do we have 30 days access to PS+ or is it a 30 days taster of some PS+ content?

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bestofthebest2745d ago

yea almost missed that theme also and ps plus is great I might actually sign up after 30day trial. I think this was a great way to promote ps plus and also give something back to ps users for downtime. Then they gave out the 2 free games and if you have multiple accounts used before april 20 you could easily get all five games for free and play them on any profile.

SaiyanFury2745d ago

Meh, I still don't care about Plus. I personally don't feel that Sony owes me anything, they were the victims after all. They were the ones that got hacked, and they brought the PSN back at their expense. I appreciate the Welcome Back theme, and will avail myself of the free games, but there's nothing that comes with the 30-day Plus membership that I care for. I don't game online, I rarely download anything from the Store, and there's nothing that comes with it that I want. Just a personal take here, but even with the 30-day membership, I still wouldn't sign up for more.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

and don't forget about other regions as well! If you have an Europe account before the PSN went down, you can get their PS+ and download the free stuff from that region as well along with their Welcome Back games.

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