WiiU To Be Priced $600?

A very credible source has given an estimation of the value of the Nintendo WiiU, Ninento's new console.

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Sanii2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

$600? No way. At max, $400 would be reasonable if it was bundled with that controller.

Zir02660d ago

400 is likely Nintendo rarely does too high.

But that controller? Im guessing $100 each min so multiplayer won't come cheap.

heroicjanitor2660d ago

It is only one controller per system, the rest have to use wiimotes.

sikbeta2660d ago

Even with N policy to profit from day one, I can't see a $600 price-tag, even if those big-controllers sure look non-affordable :P

Active Reload2660d ago

At $600, all the games better have a native resolution of 1080p and nothing less that 60fps. And I think it's been confirmed that they're not selling the controller seperately at all. If you want to buy another controller, you'll have to buy another console. I'm thinking it's going to be priced at $350 personally.

Disccordia2660d ago

One controller per system?? Is that true? Man if so that's lame :/

Skip_Bayless2660d ago

It's gonna be $299.99. Extra controllers are gonna be $69.99. I don't know why people are predicting it to be more than $349.99.

SilentNegotiator2660d ago

If they released it at $600, they would have to be injecting cocaine straight into their brains or something.

Even if its value was there, the symbolic $600 mark would be ruinous to its reception.

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-Mezzo-2660d ago

It's just a Place Holder Price tag, They basically thought it up to complete their listing How long will it take for all of us to realize this.

Remember the NGP was priced at #999.99 at Gamestop.

There is no way that "Wii U" would cost more than $400.

iforgotmylogin2660d ago

but all jokes aside
299 = the price.
no if ands or buts.

blumatt2660d ago

Yeah, like it or not Nintendo will still have to compete with Sony and Microsoft. So, they cannot go much higher than $300 or they'll risk poor sales.

Also, is it really true that there's only ONE controller per system and they're not selling additional ones? WTH, if so.

Mike134nl2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

article only mentions Australian prices... Same place where a ps vita costs 348$

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Surfaced2660d ago

pfffft maybe with 4 of those controllers bundled.

slavish32660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

if so nintendo will have two failed devices 3ds and wii U

iamnsuperman2660d ago

They did say the didn't want to sell the next console at a loss.

jc485732660d ago

didn't Nintendo say that the price will compete with other consoles?

Valk2660d ago

LOL yeah outpacing the sales of PSP and DS must really be hurting them. trolls today.. Hint. when you troll, the point is to make Nintendo look bad, not make yourself look like a complete moron. you trolls tosday just cant seem to grasp that simple concept.

Ravenor2660d ago

When the DS came out I thought it was a Nintendo 64 handheld. The only thing worth playing was something I had played before, I remember thinking something similar with the release of the GBA. Heck, I remember thinking that the PSP would come out on top and thinking I had backed the wrong horse.

The 3DS will more then likely not be a failure in the long run. I'm also sure the Wii U wont be a failure either, I know I'll be buying one regardless of the price. Bought a PS3 for close to the same amount, why not Nintendo?

iforgotmylogin2660d ago

3DS a failure pff,

people will claim 1 millon Psvs a success
but close to 1 million 3DS in the spring time a failure...

system with no games
and support really
flying off the shelves..

just because of the faith and trust people have in the company ... who else can do that but nintendo.

Ju2660d ago

Yeah, quite true. Who else could sell this but Nintendo. I guess nobody. Apple, maybe. LOL

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DA_SHREDDER2660d ago

it will be $400, unless it doesn't have bluray, then it might even be cheaper.

Sunhammer2660d ago

It's already confirmed to not support blu-ray but it's still gonna cost $500.

catguykyou2660d ago

I expect $350

Might be high hopes but if Sony can release vita for 250, I don't see why this can't be done for 350

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