UFC Undisputed 3 E3 Preview [Game Revolution]

The UFC Undisputed series is set to dominate the MMA sports genre with the crippling force of a triangle choke. THQ only showcased a 15-minute demonstration of UFC Undisputed 3, but the changes so far clearly show that the developers have been training hard for its return.

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slavish32718d ago

like with every thq game i will wait for a review. Homefront me once shame on you. Homefront me twice shame on me!

dbjj120882718d ago

I really liked EA MMA and don't really care for the license so why should I jump ship now?

slavish32718d ago

yeah ea mma was a amazing game once i got the controlles down. Thq has good license deals WWE and UFC but lack either the budget or talent. Im not sure which