E3 2011: The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 First Impressions [RPG Site]

CD Projekt RED brings their endearing RPG to Microsoft's console, and it still looks great. RPG Site checks out the 360 build at E3 to see how it shapes up.

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AP2624d ago

Hopefully the controls work out well.More people need to play this fantastic game.

guigsy2624d ago

Don't see why not. The developers said many people play the PC version with a 360 controller.

THWIP712624d ago

...and it feels just like I'm playing a 360 game.

That's my one big problem: do I hold off on playing W2 now, on Ultra Spec...but with no achievements or cross-game chat...or wait until later this year, and buy the 360 version? I've only played for about 8 hrs (just got it a couple weeks ago off Amazon for $35.00), so the time investment isn't really an issue. I've switched between High and Ultra specs, just to see the difference...of which there is little. Unless they finally add in DX11 features later...or they can't keep the 360 version looking/running close enough to the PC High spec...I see no reason not to wait.

CoLD FiRE2624d ago

I played it on the PC with my 360 controller and it worked pretty well. And the best part about it is you get to customize the game pad controls however you want.

lelo2play2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

"but with no achievements or cross-game chat"

Doesn't the steam version have achievements ?

As for cross-game chat, PC has many options... like Teamspeak.

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smilydude132624d ago


Seriously? You're going to wait because of achievements and cross-game chat? Why the hell would you like to talk to somebody while playing a story driven game?

mac_sparrow2624d ago

"Why the hell would you like to talk to somebody while playing a story driven game?"

Score one for common sense! Seem's I'm not the last of a dying breed after all.

Drazz2624d ago

Already got it for Pc, gonna get it for 360. Gotta help out the small studios, imagine what they could make with more resources.

WetN00dle692624d ago

Man i love this game! Here is hoping that the 360 game stays true to the PC version!

AP2624d ago

Looks like it has a pretty damn good chance, which rules.

RememberThe3572624d ago

F*ck yeah! Now I can play this game! BOSS!

000000000000000000012624d ago

I used a Razer Xbox 360 controller and it worked great! Great game!

AP2624d ago

Good to hear, conversion should be managable then!

gillri2624d ago

awesome, looks to be a good ocnversion so more people can play this game!!

which it deserves

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