Dungeon Siege III Demo Now Available in North America and Europe

FleshEatingZipper Says: "Square Enix just announced moments ago that the Dungeon Siege demo is now available for download on Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam for everyone in North America and Europe. Check out some of the screen shots and the demo trailer below."

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b_one2745d ago

this game is crap, demos sucked, i feel raped

JsonHenry2745d ago

I'm just thankful there was a demo so I didn't buy this garbage.

MidnytRain2745d ago

What didn't you like about it? I've been wanting to trying it for myself.

Tdmd2745d ago

Agree. It was really disaponting. It looks and plays just like a psn title, instead of a full retail one. Actually, Deathspank might be better, gameplay and graphics wise.

shadowknight2032744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

deathspank better? please stop, thats completely idiot. Sure Deathspank was fun, but its not nearly as good graphically and c'mon the gameplay was/is simplistic, DS3 has some nice in depth gameplay behind it - its better then Champions and the only thing I hate about it is the way the devs went with the online multiplayer.

banjadude2744d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. I will have to see if I enjoy KB&M over a DS3 controller though (I'm finicky about my control options).

b_one2744d ago

Hmmm, demo gameplay was.... muddy, it felt like slow motion or something, and quality of 3d models - sorry Diablo 2 was to long ago...

banjadude2744d ago

I guess the reason why I'm really into the game is, b/c I'm pretty much a sucker for any RPG, lol.
But yeah, the 3D models leave much to be desired.

Oh btw... tried the demo on STEAM... God, the controls are awful. Going to have to change my pre-order to the console version.

b_one2744d ago

I Like those kind of RPGs too but i hate overblurred games... cant watch them

Tex1172744d ago

I thought everything was passable.

I will have to see a review talking about the story to see if it is strong enough to warrent a 60 dollar price tag.

I'll probably wait till its on discount though.