Thoughts on the New Star Trek Game

GameJudgment's Emily Clark said,

"Star Trek is so linked to the idea of nerdishness that one comes hand in hand with the other. Games also fit into this nice package. Star Trek games of the past, so I’m told, mostly involved flying spaceships. Therefore, I know a few people who would be incredibly interested, but not so much myself."

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Peaceful_Jelly2719d ago

When I first saw it I thought it was Mass Effect...

slinky1234562719d ago

It really did look like Mass Effect gameplay wise. Even tho I think MEs gameplay sux, I think this game will be good with Move.

Simonkey752719d ago

Yeah, it reaallly looks like Mass Effect when you first lay eyes on it, but it's starting to grow on me. I'll be keeping my eye on this.

And hey - there's room for both, right?

Pintheshadows2719d ago

I was surprised at how good it looked at such an early stage. Also the shuttle sequence looks cool.

And yes, it looks a lot like ME.

RavageX2718d ago

Star Trek in my eyes was more about exploration and learning than zapping shit. That came second.

When I saw the trailer for this I felt as though I was watching...something else.

Star Trek should not be a shooter.

If this is based off the upcoming movie, then fine....

Just not my cup o' tea though.

Swiftfox2718d ago

I'll agree.

Though I do know this game is supposed to take place in the vein of the movies by Abrams, I still would like a Star Trek game more in line with what Gene Roddenberry had origanally created.

I think an experience in the style of Heavy Rain or now even L.A Noire would fit a Star Trek game very well. Rather than having one long plot, perhaps a collection of short stories much like the origanal series.

Pintheshadows2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I agree but Elite Force centred around action and it was fantastic so I have time for this and there is a chance the whole thing won't be action orientated.

My favourite trek game is still Hidden Evil. From your comment you would definately like it.

Hidden Evil was an adventure game and quite close to what you described.

Ouch it got slayed in reviews. Well I liked it. It felt like Star Trek.

xhedleyx2718d ago

I tend to agree.

although I'm a big fan of the new movie, it was one of my favorite movies of last year.

pat_11_52718d ago

I wonder if the game will be any good. I think a. emphasis on coop would set it apart from other generic space marine shooters.

pat_11_52718d ago

I completely agree. The game looked extremely.similar to Mass Effect.

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