Modern Warfare 3 DLC reveal in a 'month or two'

Activision will announce its plans for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 DLC "in a month or two," in addition to revealing the pricing structure for the Call of Duty franchise's Elite gaming service.

Speaking during a Modern Warfare 3 presentation at E3 yesterday, Activision product director Noah Heller responded to questioning about the pricing structure for Elite.

"The only reason I cant get deep into that is because we want to come back in a month or two, show what the MW3 DLC content is and then put a price on everything," said Heller.

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Convas2745d ago

You've gotta be kidding me ...

trainsinrdr2745d ago

lol were u not expecting this or something its the new trend this gen

Commander_TK2744d ago

Everybody was expecting this, but not this early.

HappyGaming2744d ago

People used to complain that the DLC was planned before the game was released even released...

Guess what... Now it is announced and marketed before the game is even finished :-/

blumatt2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

This is complete BS!!! They should NOT announce dlc before the game is even out! That means they're DELIBERATELY leaving content off the disc to re-sell as dlc. Activision is the greediest company I think I've ever heard of. Battlefield 3 confirmed now for me. My last little bit of respect for Activision and that last little chance of me buying MW3 is gone.

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2745d ago
zeeshan8102745d ago

It's not even out yet!? WTF??

movements2745d ago

Um, we're hearing of BF3 DLC WAY BEFORE it releases. Hypocrites.

MidnytRain2745d ago

Unless you've been following these guys around, you don't know that they are hypocrites.

CaliGamer2745d ago

Someone sounds tender.... calm down man, no one is telling you that you shouldn't get MW3.

I think the message here is that overall this series has really gotten a bit overdone. I thing we can all agree to that.

Ravenor2745d ago

And if only that DLC wasn't free with the pre order, 5 bucks isn't a big deal especially if it goes towards the full game.

captain-obvious2745d ago

that DLC is for pre-ordering the game

its just like those things you get when you pre-order or buy a collector edition or something like that

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meetajhu2745d ago

wtfax they didn't even show one multiplayer footage and DLC? lmao

JeffGUNZ2745d ago

DLC before they even released multiplayer details? Give me a break.

PRHB HYBRiiD2745d ago

The maps are now $20...imagine that!! hahahaha

frostypants2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

They're announcing paid DLC before even releasing the game?! Way to spit on gamers.

"Yeah, we're going to tell you right up front what we're holding back from the game you're going to pay $60 for so we can milk more cash out of you later".

I mean, they could at least PRETEND to develop it after release. Holy cr*p...

Dart892745d ago

WTf if you buy BF3 you extra dlc for free which is the limited edition and it's the same price as this pos game with out anything extra added to it,well if you want the extra it's gonna cost you an extra $20>_<.

Gamer_Z2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Wow they already have DLC, the game isn’t even out yet! Honestly I don’t get why people continue to support this game, I don’t anymore. Why don’t they treat their loyal fans right and put that DLC on disc so they have more maps to play there’s still plenty of time.

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fossilfern2745d ago

why do developers announce DLC before the game is out ? What a joke

nycredude2745d ago

wana hear a joke? Activision.

TheBossMan2745d ago

Never gets old. Seriously, never.

waterboy2745d ago

that is a joke how successful there games are and how much money they have, now heres a real joke...EA

news4geeks2745d ago

lol, they just don't care anymore. They know people are stupid enough to buy it anyway.

Lovable2745d ago

Awesome! Can't wait to download an overpriced DLC after buying an overpriced game...

negroguy2745d ago

I actually thought for a couple seconds after reading the title if MW3 came out already.

gamingisnotacrime2745d ago

i am looking forward for quality games, MW3 is not on my list

nycredude2745d ago

yeah with all the awesome high quality games releasing around that time someone must be a cod nut or misinformed to buy that crap!

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