Not just for kids: only 18% of gamers are under 18

Despite what playing on Xbox Live might lead you to think, only 18% of gamers are under 18 years old – and what’s more, they’re out-numbered by the 29% of gamers who are over 50. Oh, and far more women over 18 play games than boys under 17.

These are just some of the fascinating statistics to be found in the the ESA’s 2011 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry, a report compiled from sales, demographic and usage data...

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Dart892747d ago

And i bet 99.9%of those are on cod:D.

Solidus187-SCMilk2747d ago

58% of gamers are male and 42% are female, yeah right.

The average age of a person who buys games is 41 probably because alot o them are parents.

I am 100% sure that moer than 18% of gamers are under 18, and less than 29% are over 50. That just doesnt seem even close to reality.

theonlylolking2747d ago

I dont believe this at all.