Confirmed: Spore Coming To The Wii

Will Wright has finally confirmed that a version of Spore is being developed for the Wii. And despite the different controls, Wright seems to like working on the platform.

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Zhuk3734d ago

it's a shame that this games potential will not be fully realized on the Wii, they should have released it on Xbox 360

xplosneer3734d ago

I thought it was coming to other consoles as well....
Darn my PC sucks.

cooke153734d ago

Its a shame that you think that way. The Wii controller is a perfect fit for the game. And Will Wright thinks so because he is making the game :|

ShadoWulf3734d ago

Haha yeah right. My Wii's more powerful than my PC :P

Besides, I think the Wii could handle it. The controller sure is perfect.

Anyways, we must bow to the wishes of Will Right (spelling on purpose).

teto833734d ago

I could be great on PS3

Saint Sony3734d ago

"I could be great on PS3"

You are great on PS3.

Darkiewonder3734d ago

Which one will I get? <3


But it's been ages since the last real stuff about the game was shown :o

Twizlex3734d ago

Well, I don't think a publisher like EA of all companies is going to let a huge game like this NOT come out on the PS3 and 360. On a side note, wasn't this confirmed on Friday? I could have sworn I read this a few days ago.

ShadoWulf3734d ago

It was in the article about how Will Wright said that Wii is the only next-gen system.

Shaka2K63734d ago

Nothing more nothing less, still best on Sixaxis PS3.

unsunghero283734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Please explain the advantages of the SIXAXIS over the Wii-Remote in Spore, or for that matter any Sims-like game.

And how on earth are you back to five bubbles?!

Edit: Oh, down to four. Wow. That was fast.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3734d ago

I'd like to know how he has 5 bubbles myself...

ShadoWulf3734d ago

Ohhh SIXAXIS could... uh... um...

Navigate menus in a fun way? Rotate camera? Hmm...

Oh, I know! We could make it control a pointer on the screen. Wherever you tilt it, the pointer moves in that direction!

...or you could just put it on the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.