Opinion: Quit Dallying And Put The PlayStation Vita On Store Shelves Already

PushSquare: "Like many others, we came away from Sony's press conference grinning from ear-to-ear. Not only had Sony demonstrated a substantially more capable handheld platform than its peers, it also seemed to show a reasonable understanding of the current market-place. Handheld platforms need to both accompany the home-console experience, and differentiate from it. Vita can do that. Sony seems to understand that it can't compete with the device in everyone's pocket. Vita, then, is a companion device. It also happens to be carrying a sensational price-tag."

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nintenflo2744d ago

Sony should defo release in us and Europe first it just makes sense!
The Psp is strong in japan so why release first there!
Come on Sony! Pleeeaaasssee!!!!!

a_bro2744d ago

I heartfully agree with this article. release it here this year. why kill PSP growth in Japan when its selling a S**t ton over there at this current moment, and there's no sign of stagnating either.

StbI9902744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Did ps3 killed ps2 off the shelves? thought so...

Doubt sony will leave out what made their first portable gaming machine so susceful and that obviously were the japanese people which were the only one buying games lol and will surely keep on doing since their love sony, so yeah in resume fck europe or na, japan first and for the win.

Mr Tretton2744d ago

PSV is the classiest looking handheld ever. Damn I want one

pain777pas2744d ago

I have to admit that I agree. This feels like the launch of the PS2 but better. This may be the best launch of a gaming device to date for me. You heard it here first... LBP Vita may end up the highest rated game of all time. I may be wrong but the more I look at it the more I start to get that that may end up the system seller or should be just as much as UCGA.