PS3 Poll Police: How Would You Play Eye Of Judgment?

The Poll Police are cracking down on an interesting bit of crime this week.

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Bigmac5733863d ago

Any publicity is good publicity I suppose. It's a fantastic game, one that is better off played with friends and people you're friendly with on forums.

Evil0Angel3863d ago

the first time i saw EoJ , I thought this is why i wii buy PS3,(i already bought it).in my opnion(for me) EoJ is the best game in PS3 so far and really want to buy it, but this thing really concern me.

anyway i will buy it tommorow.

Blitzed3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Under duress.


gamesR4fun3863d ago

but still gonna hurt the profit margin wouldn't be surprised to see an update to fix that in the near future....
All they have to do I think is to start printing the cards with a 'hologram' that a printer cant reproduce but the eye can see...

the worst3863d ago

this game is way better than
i thought it would be
this sh!t got me hooked
but i just got mario galaxy
damm its way too many game out
at the same time

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The story is too old to be commented.