Wii Price Drops Dramatically at Sears

Ever since the Nintendo announcement about a new console coming out was confirmed, retailers have been slashing prices like crazy to get rid of their inventory of Nintendo Wiis. Just a few days ago, Sears dropped the price of the Wii to almost half their listed price.

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rmoar2717d ago

Well, I guess if I ever want to go back and play all the Zelda and Mario games I missed on the Wii, now is the time.

blackhrt862717d ago

Clearing shelves to make way for the new one.

Muletroid2716d ago

gamestop is still selling em for 170 and the newer ones for 150 which makes no sense to me

Wenis2716d ago

The new one won't be out for another year

sikbeta2716d ago

I'm the only one who thinks it's too early?

DuneBuggy2716d ago

Too early to annouce a Wii2? Yes. I'm predicting the MSRP is 99 bucks this holiday season. Dont have alot of options other than price to keep sales at some level untill 2012.

eagle212717d ago

$129 is very little system that is very underrated in the games department.

TheFodi2717d ago

$129 would be a great price, but can anyone confirm if this is available locally?

dkgshiz2716d ago

I might get a wii shortly. Just to play a couple games that I wouldn't mind trying. I had a wii way back on launch day. I owned it for about two years and probably only put 10+ hours into so I gave it to my brother.

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The story is too old to be commented.