E3 2011: PING/PONG: Nintendo Press Conference Review

Nintendo came in at the finish with their official press conference for E3 2011. How did they do? Popzara's rambling run-mouths share their thoughts.

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eagle212750d ago

I enjoyed it...even more today after WiiU was explained to me more.

user8586212750d ago

Nintendo really nailed the conference, it showed really amazing games for the 3DS that are coming THIS YEAR!! and it showed that WiiU will be catered to hardcore gamers and will get true 3rd party support

Farsendor12750d ago

people really have that hard of a time understanding what wiiu was about at the e3 conference?

they kept saying console for a while but focused on controller

in the developer trailer showed dirt and others that are on 360 ps3 and pc no wii can handle those

and when the e3 conference was over nintendos reggie talked about the console and showed pictures of it thats when playstationlifestyle got to put up the first pictures of the console.

im not sure about wiiu yet until i see some more stuff but ill probably skip launch,bought 360 at launch and ps3 and both stopped working a while ago

NESpower2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Gamers knew it was new console but wondered why the full unit wasn't shown. I personally understood but like anyone had questions and Nintendo will answer them this week (online questions) and over the course to next year. I like what i'm reading so far...

tunaks12750d ago

virtually no wii software talk, no SS trailer shown at the conference, no localization talk for Xeno, TLS, Pandora, a WTF moment with Lego, no new 3ds games shown expect for Luigi's Mansion.

It was a pretty big letdown.