PS Vita - The Facts & The Games [Drop Bear Gaming]

All the facts about the PS Vita and a list of all 30 titles that have been announced for the new handheld.

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SuperStrokey11232743d ago

I didnt know that the camera could capture at 120 fps or 60 fps at a higher resolution... hmmm i dont know...

a_bro2743d ago

"640×480 at 60 fps"

thats pretty much an Playstation eye on a handheld, crazy...

TrickyMic2743d ago

very well written article. Thanks for all the info all in one place!

zeal0us2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

NVG cards(new flash format) will be the new game medium, come in 2gb and 4gb size, larger sizes are still the come. UMD could only hold 1.8gbs so this is a improvement. Imagine buying the new Uncharted for the PSV and it came with 5UMDs, that would suck and this case would be really big.

80 games are in development but there over 150 companies plan to support it.

majiebeast2743d ago

Tgs will hopefully bring some jrpgs besides dragons crown to psvita.

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