Nintendo Is Back In The Game

Default Prime: "What a conference Nintendo held this year. Opening strong with an orchestra playing a selection of pieces from the Legend of Zelda series and going from there Nintendo seem to have stolen the show; a new console, a dream-team of games announced and a beautiful montage of Zelda heritage as a prelude to a discussion of Skyward Sword. But it doesn’t stop there! There’s an update which brings a store with a virtual console section to the 3DS, free game Excite Bike and a free 3D Pokedex with the promise of many more games, demos and trailers to become accessible as time goes on."

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eagle212744d ago

They never left but definitely lit a match under 3DS and have me intrigued for WiiU.

LilDeja932744d ago

Read the title and was about to say the exact same thing.

Active Reload2744d ago

Actually, I've kinda' got a hunch on what types of games the "core" will be able to play. At least one person can use the tv screen with the Wii-mote to play a game co-op while someone else uses the Wii-U controller. Actually 3 people playing would be decent, having split-screen on the tv, while one person uses the Wii-U controller, ala Borderlands or Borderlands 2. Nintendo and Devs could bring local multiplayer back.

N4g_null2744d ago

The 3ds may be a possible 2-infinit screened controller due to nintendo converging the 3ds with the wiiu. The wiiu is powerful enough to run a core game server and then send data out over wifi to the 3ds. As of now only one wiiu controller is capable doing all wiiu features.

It's a wacom, iPad, wii, and hd console along with being a 3ds with out the 3d screen.

N4g_null2744d ago

The 3ds may be a possible 2-infinit screened controller due to nintendo converging the 3ds with the wiiu. The wiiu is powerful enough to run a core game server and then send data out over wifi to the 3ds. As of now only one wiiu controller is capable doing all wiiu features.

It's a wacom, iPad, wii, and hd console along with being a 3ds with out the 3d screen.

Then we have better hd power. Surprised they didn't show specs, actually I can see why because most gamers don't understand specs proof is any one still claiming the ps3 is a beast. Good art does not equal power.

VampiricDragon2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

the ds was abysmal aside from firsr party stuff for 2 years.

Systems need time to build

tgs I hope brings more games

Wizeguy212744d ago

Lets wait and see how this rolls out.. Nintendo always promises big on new hardware..

First order of business would be to find out how long the batteries last on that huge controller/screen

N4g_null2744d ago

It has a USB ac adapter to connect to the machine or the wall.

Wizeguy212744d ago

So does my ps3/xbox controller but i don't have it on all the time.

N4g_null2744d ago

Your vita will need an adaptor also. Havnt really tested the battery life though.

fr0sty2744d ago

Interesting, yes, but back in the game? I just don't see Wii U doing as well as Wii did. Also, did Nintendo unveil a single new IP the entire conference? All I saw was even more sequels and spin offs.

Active Reload2744d ago

Wii is still there for the casuals. Hell, Nintendo might and probably will, cater to them on the Wii-U. But I took this whole new system as being directed towards the "core" gamer. It's up to the devs to do something, but Nintendo does need to show something for the "core" gamers. Something new is always welcomed, but I just had a thought of a Metroid Prime HD and now I need to sit down, lol.

NESpower2744d ago

sony's best games were 95% sequels and spin offs/ was simply rolling in the

christheredhead2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

im not trying to defend nintendo but did sony announce any new IPS? or did all they show were even more sequels and spin offs?

in all fairness though nintendo never really left, they have had great success and great games, even if the line up is few and far between. i think the wii U can definitely get up to speed and become something great. i highly doubt they will be able to reach the monetary success of wii but give it time, it has great potential

fr0sty2744d ago

Sony did announce new IP. There's that third party FPS exclusive (yes, not sony, but a new exclusive ip none the less), the new move game from the makers of sports champions also (just off the top of my head, there may have been more).

My point is, Sony this gen has demonstrated they are willing to take risks and release new IP. Motorstorm, Uncharted, LBP, Infamous, fl0wer, pixeljunk anything... all great games that were never before seen prior to ps3. Uncharted and LBP arguably being the best new franchises made this generation.

nintendo hasn't done much of that at all. Instead we get Zelda 40 and mario sports kart brawl 500. Nintendo needs to learn to take some risks to set it apart from not only the competition, but itself. Some of us are tired of those games.

christheredhead2744d ago


well in that case nintendo did release a few new IPs in the form of some casual games but i guess people dont count those. yes, i understand that nintendo needs new ips, that an obvious given. at the same time zelda and mario are some of the best games created that get exponentially better and more creative as time goes on. the number in the series is irrelevant as long as the quality stays above and beyond and that goes for all developers, not just nintendo. sony has some of the best games out currently but there is definitely room for both. hopefully we'll see some new ips with the new console but for now its all speculation as to whether it will flop. we really dont know what they have been working on at this point.

AWBrawler2743d ago

new IP from Nintendo?
they showed:
The Rolling Western
Luigi Mansion 2 (thats still new, only one other game)
Kid Icarus Uprising (this should count as new)
Fortune Street
heroes of ruin (exclusive)
killer alien freaks (exclusive)

you just weren't paying attention

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Trunkz Jr2744d ago

Love the Wii U, but HATE THE STUPID NAME!

Really it's gotta be in the top list for worst console names, They should of just called it Dolphin Revolution...

Anyway, I like the idea of 4 player split on controller screens, now I can play something like goldeneye and have friends now watch my screen knowing where I'm at lol

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sealion882744d ago

if they show some solid JRPGS then im sold!

iforgotmylogin2744d ago

same here i got 5 games i want to get

kid icarus
resident evil

and what ever good stuff that comes out from now till then

i kinda want mw3 too o.o

VampiricDragon2744d ago

dq monster 2 for ds

paper mario 3ds

xenoblade/ last story for europe

are the big deals from nintendo only

expect intelligent to work on fire emblem

Fatal Blow2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Just found out the price of wiiu in uk and its £399.85 from

well am sure this will be around £300 to £400 easily

jayzablade2744d ago

More Details
Product Message: Price shown is an estimate and will be subject to change upon Nintendo's announcement.

Pre-order Price Match: order this product with us today and if we reduce the price between taking your order and the release date, we will charge you the lower price!

iforgotmylogin2744d ago

Nintendo doesnt even know the price since nothing is finalized...

mamotte2744d ago

People here should be guessing the next world cup champions. Their ability to say things while knowing nothing is awesome.

cheetorb2744d ago

Hardware does not make a game system successful, games make them successful.
Just because you sell a bunch of something does not mean it was successful, that's called good marketing.
Wii sucked for games, 3DS sucks for games, this Wii U thing looks cool but again, without good games and more then 5, it won't be successful.

mamotte2744d ago

Wii and DS sucked for your tastes, and that's a completely different story.

They have great games, but I supposse there wasnt enough bullets and blood for you.

NESpower2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

well psp sucked for games and retail proved that....3DS just launched and wii has better games than 360 first party and on par with ps3 in reviews or better.

Valk2744d ago

"Just because you sell a bunch of something does not mean it was successful" LMAO... Did you really go there? Seriously dude just stop now. Your pathetic attempts at hating are only making YOU look bad.

Oh but i am sure tghere are investors somewhere going" What we sold 85 million when we could be at 40 million sold? What will we do with all the money? Quick burn it before Satan kills us."

cheetorb2743d ago

It's understandable that you equate success with money, that is the American ideology. Maybe one day when you get older you will understand what success truly is. In the meantime, keep on being an idiot, you seem pretty successful at it.

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