Media Create hardware sales (5/30 – 6/5)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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VampiricDragon2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

holy shit the 3ds is rising

Seems like more games is doing the trick

and OOT hasnt even launched

mario 3ds, kart, kid icarus for the holidays oooo shit is it gunna move.

@ sinncross
Its dirt cheap and it gets the most game support because its been on the market so long, thats why

sinncross2721d ago

RE: Mercs 3D released during this period but the PSP has remained the top hardware for the week... did not expect that.

PSP is definitely a very popular device in Japan.

Misterhbk2721d ago

3DS is rising but the boost was largely because of the Resident Evil 3DS game. Good to see them getting a boost but man the PSP is huge over there. The biggest 3DS game release by far and PSP still kept the number one spot.

It'll be interesting to see how Japan takes to the PSV

VampiricDragon2721d ago

probably very similar to the psp for the first 5 years. Its expensive. And in japan exclusives/price are everything. If they arent the majority...........

But OOT, overclock, cave story is soon. That should do good

Misterhbk2721d ago

It's just as expensive as the 3DS, but the value is there. Much more tech in the Vita than in the 3DS. I own a 3DS, but even I know that the 250 I paid for it was a little higher than it should have been.

I think the Vita will take off a lot more quickly in Japan than the 3DS just because theres so much more you can do with it.

insomnium22721d ago

$250 for a 3DS is like a $125 straight into Nintendo's pocket. Hell even more I would think.

AWBrawler2720d ago

3DS is on the rise!! Its thanks to One Piece and Resident Evil

Inzo2721d ago

PS2! What a machine, 11 years on and the King still lives!

sikbeta2721d ago

Refuses to pass away, freaking immortal lol


PSP is huge in Japan and what's up with the wii numbers? damn low...

a08andan2721d ago

I think that they should put an easter egg in a game, where you encounter a giant ps2-boss which has quotes like "I will never die". Would be hilarious if Microsoft put something like that in one of their games :D

Ddouble2721d ago

PSP - Solid as ever, it's catching to 3DS YTD sales but that would probably change.

3DS - Saying all it needed was to get fed some games.

PS3 - Increasing back to normal levels

DS - As expected

Wii - Life support

360 - ...

PS2 - Immortal

insomnium22721d ago

My god what is it with the Wii decline over there? Is it really THAT bad?

Ddouble2720d ago

They haven't received the price drop that Europe and America got but even the effect of a price drop would not last for long imo.

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