Test Subjects Needed = I Love Bees 2.0?

E3 attendees were handed a strange black envelop with a sticker sealing it stating “Confidential”. Is this Bungie's way of introducing gamers to their new game? I Love Wasps?

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duplissi2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

oh, cool i love bees was awesome. why is it limited to e3 attndies?

edit.. lol i didnt read the article thoroughly

edit2 i just went throught the "test" and now they want to send me a package in the mail?

ICarly19852743d ago

I went through the website and did the tests too and submitted my home address, and I love free stuff so I'll be wearing my I.D with pride knowing I'll one day be saving millions of humans from something evil!

Xi2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

just wanted to note that Bungie didn't do I love Bee's, that was all handled externaly buy an ARG company.

That said, bungie loves them their ARG's and I could totally see them doing it.

edit :
google search leads me to beleive that this is related to the portal 2 arg, or is possibly in conflict with it.