Is Sony's 24-inch PlayStation 3D HDTV a good deal for $499?

One surprise that Sony pulled out of its hat at the E3 expo this week was the announcement of a 3D display specifically designed for the PS3 owners. But at $499, does it represent a good buy for gamers?
The set represents a bit of an oddity in that its size may be common.

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LOGICWINS2744d ago

I think its a great deal if you feel the need to game on a 3D display THAT badly, but don't want to spend too much money. As for me, I'll stick to my non-3D 42inch :)

Uncharted3Goty2744d ago

but it is expensive other then that its great Tv to have thats if play 3D.

Washington-Capitals2744d ago

This is hardly a deal @499. If you open up a bestbuy flyer you will see you can get a lower end 32" 3D tv for about $449 (LG). Not to mention the specs of this tv have not been released (contrast ratio, black levels etc). So we dont even know how good of a tv this is. If they removed the game and HDMI cable and dropped the price to 399, i would say its a good deal.

I_find_it_funny2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

it's not TV it's a 3d monitor

is it expensive? take out glasses, game, can you find anything better for that price ~370 ?

I think it's aimed at ppl how want little display in bedroom, or people with their gaming setups in small rooms. Many of my friends play xbox/ps3 like pc, on their monitors.
It's not targeted at people who can have big ass tv in living room, rather at those who can't.

I heard it's price will be around ~405 euro

gamingdroid2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I have on occasions seen 32" LCD in the past for $350 brand name like Sony and Samsung. Unless you have to have 3D, I'd stick with the extra 8" and pocket the $150.

The extra 8" is a lot in surface area which makes your screen significantly bigger than it appears on the numbers.

It might be the cheapest 3D TV, but you are paying a premium to get 3D. You can get a 24" for around $250, that's right half price.

Is it a good deal? Only if you want 3D TV really bad, or just wait for it to be on clearance in 6-months.

From the article:

"Do you want to play PS3 games in 3D badly enough to play on a 24-inch display, or can you live without 3D and game on a bigger HDTV? Which would you choose?"

Ddouble2744d ago

You're forgetting that it includes a game thats $60 as well as an HDMI cable.

callahan092744d ago

@Washington-Capitals: You must be referring to this one?

I couldn't find any reference at all on Best Buy for a $449 32" LG. I hope you provide a link if the link I provided is not the one you might have been referring to.

The link I provided is for a 23" LG. It's $349 and does not come with any glasses, high-speed HDMI cable, or a game. I've had experience with these LG's as well and the quality is not very good. The 2D picture is not good and the picture engine can't keep up with high action scenes, it lends itself to artifacting and unintended motion blur. The 3D effect is even worse. I've used this and the iZ3D monitor, they are both monitors that utilize a polarizing effect with polarized, non-active shutter lenses to view the 3D effect, and it's an underwhelming effect on both models, with the technology lending itself greatly to crosstalk and ghosting of the images between the two eyes.

The Sony television is going to be much higher quality than the LG.

Once you've bought glasses and a high-speed HDMI cable for that LG, it's already starting to approach the cost of the Sony TV, and that doesn't account for Resistance 3 being packed in with the Sony, and for the higher quality of the Sony build.

nycredude2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

washington capitals

You guys haven't a clue. Non of those tvs at that that you are referring to are 240hz and they are not 3d. Further more they don't included hdmi 2 glasses and resistance 3. Plus they can't show two people two different screens on the same tv when playing coop mode.

Show me that link you speak of 32 inch 3d tv for $449 and lets see the specs. I guarantee if it exist it is 720p or 120hz.

Check your facts. How much can you buy a comparable computer monitor of this size that is 3d and 240hz?

IF you guys don't think this is a great deal then you wouldn't know a great deal if it bit you in the ass!

i was going to buy resistance 3 anyway, and I would always use another hdmi cable, and I can use the two glasses for my 52 inch bravia 3d tv. So I'll buy this shit and use the tv for my computer to watch 3d porn I download.

lil Titan2744d ago

a 3D tv with cables, glasses and a game? it think that is far more than a good deal its a steal

sikbeta2744d ago

Dudes, it's a steal, 3DTV + Resistance 3 + Glasses and the damn HDMI cable...

Darkfiber2744d ago Show
Active Reload2744d ago

You get more than just the television, so I'm inclined to say yes.

HappyGaming2744d ago

Lets assume we are buying this to use with out gaming PC and that R3 would run on it...

NVidia 3D like glasses which cost=$150
24" 120hz 3D monitor=$285
+frame splitscreen (2 full 2D screens on 1 screen)

Thats a bargain for sure...

Klaykid1232744d ago

I have a 24 inch monitor in my bedroom that I use primarily for gaming. I think this would be perfect because mine cost around 180 dollars during Black Friday. With 3D and that cool splitscreen feature and glasses AND the game.. it's a good deal.

MariaHelFutura2744d ago

I`m pretty sure it`s $499 for R3, the TV, Xtra Glasses and a HDMI cord.

slayorofgods2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It's still a luxury item. A T.V. the size of a pc monitor for 500 dollars and 90 dollar glasses per person isn't going to hit the mainstream. It's too expensive still.

donnaluke20032744d ago

HDMI cords are cheap, why is this considered a big add on? If you are paying over $3 for an HDMI you are getting ripped off. Do the research and just buy the cheap cables from Amazon, they are even gold plated. What a bunch of suckers!

gamingdroid2744d ago

"Check your facts. How much can you buy a comparable computer monitor of this size that is 3d and 240hz?"

I didn't say a 3D TV and 240Hz, did I? I said a 24" for $250!

"IF you guys don't think this is a great deal then you wouldn't know a great deal if it bit you in the ass!"

Are you one of those people that stock up on stuff because it is great value, despite not needing it?

I buy stuff I use and see a need or want for, not because it is cool and it's a great deal relative to something else.

Fact of the matter is, I see very few people choosing 3D over size unless you game a lot and find 3D enjoyable. Which is fair enough if that is your thing, there is nothing out there as cheap. However, 3D has a premium cost right now.

White-Sharingan2744d ago

@Gumtrol- The TV is 240Hz though, not 120Hz

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callahan092744d ago

It's a fantastic deal!

That's an Asus, which is nowhere near the quality of a Sony, and it's smaller (23" versus 24"), and it only supports 120hz refresh, not 240hz as the Sony will. And it doesn't come with a high-speed HDMI cable. And it doesn't come with a game (Resistance 3 comes with the Sony).

And then there's the glasses: 70 dollars each for extra glasses for the Sony, versus 120 each for the Asus:

So yeah. It's a great deal.

xTruthx2744d ago

I think he means 1.4v hdmi cable

TheIneffableBob2744d ago

Don't judge a monitor by its brand. Asus puts out some good displays and it puts out some bad ones, and so does Sony.

zgoldenlionz2744d ago

@xtruthx @keisersosay no mhe doesnt mean HDMI 1.4v cause theres no regulations on what a 1.4 hdmi cable needs to include, you can have a 1.4 cable that doesnt support 3D or ethernet. Now a High Speed cable at minimum supports 3D. heres 1 of many articles saying the same

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solideagle12744d ago

totally agree its a brilliant deal people like us who dont even own anything when come to new country like UK lol its a great great deal...
i dont know what else journalists want DILDO with it for free?/s


ConstipatedGorilla2744d ago

I'm not sure I would have laughed at your comment, if it weren't for your poor english and your good manners at the end.

HappyGaming2744d ago

I laughed so much he reminded me of Borat xD

JsonHenry2744d ago

Just wait, HDMI 1.4a monitors will be launching later this month that will probably be cheaper than this and provide at least an on par visual experience.

From what I've read of other reviews when playing in "splitscreen" mode you see a lot of ghosting from the other player.

iforgotmylogin2744d ago

nope its not a great deal, 3D tvs are gonna drop in price soon especially those with glasses.

24 inch tv for 500$ even if it comes with stuff you can buy a generic 32 inch tv at walmart for 200

the prices are dropping rapidly.

Peenutt2744d ago

lol, did you forget to realize its the PACKAGE that is 499 NOT the tv.

RedDead2744d ago

Best thing about it is that Split screen thing, that is the only reason I would get it

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TheMrMadzen2744d ago

Is this article stupid?? The 499$ deal is for the whole bundle!

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FAGOL2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The thing is they can make it cheaper by removing the hdmi cable and Resistance 3 game.

I don't really want a massive display for gaming. I have a 42" in my living room and I always find it more comfortable to game on my 24" monitor.

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Tigerfist2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I'd rather have a same size LED for almost half the price but without the 3D. I've always said that 3D tech is nothing but a lame and anoying gimmick.

But I'l give them one thing, this is a great way to market their 3D features and to make them accessible to a wider audience.

GiggMan2744d ago

I've always said that 3D tech is nothing but a lame and annoying gimmick to the people that don't own one.

nycredude2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

So you don't agree that 240 hz monitor won't benefit you computer gaming? That 60hz is better cause it's cheaper?

So true. It's only a gimmick if you don't own one. for those who do they know it's awesome. movies, gaming and porn in 3d is awesome.

Tigerfist2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

We are talking about 3D not actual refresh rate or response timing which are two very important things in gaming. And I'm afraid I've seen the so called "awesome of the 3D" it came in the form of lame special effects, story and actual decent plots sacrificed for the glory of the allmighty 3D, expensive cinema tickets and loads of headaches.

So now I ask, if I can play the same game without needing a pair of stupid heavy glasses and with the capability to play for long times without headaches, then why the hell would I want to do otherwise? For shits and giggles? Oh spare me...

I could buy it, I won't buy it and I couldn't care less.

PS: I do have a PS3.

PPS: Stop beeing such fucking fanboys.

PPPS: 3D Porn? LOL... Get a life.

nycrekid2744d ago

Bro different or not they both make a difference in gaming.

"And I'm afraid I've seen the so called "awesome of the 3D" it came in the form of lame special effects, story and actual decent plots sacrificed for the glory of the allmighty 3D, expensive cinema tickets and loads of headaches."

Sorry bro but I own a top of the line 3d tv and it awesome. just cause you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad. The only people who call it a gimick is (surprised) people who don't have it.

I play and watch 3d content all the time for hours and have yet to experience migranes or headaches and I have 20/25 vision.

I could buy it, have bought it, and can afford another one. Let me ask you if you couldn't care less then what the fuck are you doing here commenting on an article on the subject?

PS: I also have a ps3

PPS: how am I a fanboy? Maybe you should reread my reply and stop being a sensitive little girl.

PPPS: I am a gamer, I have many lives. Since when does watching porn means I have no life? LOL. Newsflash. The porn industry is as big as the gaming industry bro.

Maybe you should be one to get a life. You are the one commenting on n4g in a thread about a topic you yourself claim you couldn't care less about and calling other people you don't know on the internet names.

theIMP2744d ago

@ nycrekid
Well good for you man, I've tried the 3D thing from a top of the line Samsung and had blurry vision for 30 min. and a headache. Just because you can watch it without these side effect doesn't mean every one can (and yes I know that works the other way as well). My advice to anyone in the market is try it first. It is truly awesome. I thought the effect was bad ass, but it's not worth the side effects to me. It sucks, but really I can live without it. Having said that I also would like to add that if it didn't affect me like that I would game in 3D all the time. I really wanted to play UC3 in 3D, I just can't take it. I guess it's just not for me.

Legion2744d ago


"You are the one commenting on n4g in a thread about a topic you yourself claim you couldn't care less about"

He could care less about purchasing the item. His comments are actually in line with the question of the post. "Is Sony's 24-inch PlayStation 3D HDTV a good deal for $499?" He gave you his 2 cents. He didn't say he cared less about the subject of conversation just that the item wasn't worth the money in his eyes.

Same here for me... just a gimmick and I would never purchase a Sony product that ultimately can be found at a better price under a different brand name. Sony products are hyped to no end.

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Drekken2744d ago

3D is a gimmick? Have you seen a good 3D display with a HD game? I doubt it.

I bet the display giving 2 players separate views is a gimmick too, right?

Tigerfist2744d ago

Yes I've seen it and I keep my opinion on the 3D just like John Carpenter did. 3D improved but not to the point of making me drool or either overtaking everything.

The 2 separate views is actually a rather usefull feature but not exactly something I need.

nycrekid2744d ago


This guy is nothing but a crab, negative nancy, debbie downer, whatever you want to call it. guy doesn't care about the tech, doesn't like it, but feel the need to broadcast it to everyone even though no one gives a shit.

I have alot of shit in my house I don't need. Do I need a 350 horse power in my car? Do I need two computers? Do I need a big tv? Do i need three gaming consoles and a gaming pc? do I need a nice fridge? Do I need AC? Do I need cable? Do I need a home phone?

Come on bro you telling me you have nothing that you don't absolutely need? Stop being such a hater. I understand 3d isn't for everyone but stop being so self centered.

FFXI1012744d ago

I have seen it and I love it. Not everyone gets headaches(at least I didn't) I was playing GT5 and MLB the show 2010 at friends house for hours.

I don't own one but I love to have the option to watch movie or play games in 3D. I think is a great deal for people who love the new tech stuff or want to experience 3D but can't really spend over 2grand to buy a nice big screen HDTV/3DTV.

Do I wish the monitor is a little bigger? of course I do but I already have a 42" HDTV so I wouldn't mind to get this bundle and share with my friend and family.

I think is a great deal and I plan to get one when it comes out(I was going to buy R3 and HDMI cable anyway)

ivant2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

3D is not a gimmick but a method to allow greater immersion in the game/video

I love my NFL and enjoy it much more in HD than SD TV .... immersion. I would enjoy it even more in 3D ... greater immersion in the action.

Likewise with video games.

No gimmick ... just a useful technique to help immerse the player into the environment.

JayD-1K2743d ago

One of the best responses to the "do we need 3d question" I've seen in a while.
Thank you!

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LilDeja932744d ago

Well the ability to see 2 full screens when playing splitscreen is genious.

As for the price, i think its a pretty good deal, especially for those who have been put off 3D TV's because of the price.

thief2744d ago

I am super excited about this technology - would like a bigger TV, maybe 32", but being able to play couch coop without being restricted to half of the screen is sweet.