Can Sony’s PS Vita compete with new Nintendo 3DS games list?

That is a pretty strong lineup of both first party and third party titles you would have to agree. The big question is though, will the Sony PS Vita be able to compete with this or does Nintendo have the upper hand? Check out the trailer below for the new games on the way for the 3DS.

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Uncharted3Goty2745d ago

so far Sony has a amazing line up i would say Sony has already won over the 3DS line up.

NESpower2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I love uncharted like any gamer, but 3DS has more games I would pay for in the near future.

Uncharted3Goty2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

but sony doesnt only have uncharted on the PS Vita it has much more then that. and i agree my comment wasnt saying that PS vita will have beat or sell more. just that i think it will have a much better line up compared to the 3DS.

NESpower2745d ago

I am in no way implying Vita won't have an amazing library as well. My comment is only based on what i've seen or would pay full price for.

pain777pas2744d ago

There is some truth to NES power's comment. However, based on what I have seen and heard Sony has many IPs for the device that are nearly done that they didn't show. They are just choosing titles that showcase the systems functionality. In the UK trailers Resistance looks amazing. Seriously. The game looks playable to done. Sony is holding back and pacing themselves a bit better. I think that with LBP, Modnation, UC, Wipeout, Ruin and the price they have generated interest. UCGA cancels Zelda, LBP cancels Mario, Modnation cancels Mario Kart, Wipeout is gravy, Ruin cancels Animal crossing. Kid Icarus could get cancelled by the gravity game. Dragons Crown just looks AMAZING. I think Sony is ok. Yes history is on the side of Nintendo but quality is on both sides and hardware in my opinion is on Sony's side.

Danteh2744d ago

I love Sony and the PS3 but with the 3DS having a lineup with Zelda OoT, Mario 3DS, Star Fox, MGS3, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Cave Story 3D, Luigi's Mansion, Resident Evil, Sonic Generations and Kingdom Hearts in the horizon (possibly one of the best lineups ever), it's very foolish to say that the Vita is going to have better games. If you think so you are either:

1) A "n00b" gamer who doesn't appreciate franchises like Zelda or Mario and instead prefers thousand of repetitive FPS
2) A Sony Fanboy

btw also to the guy below @farhad2k8 if you think the games I listed are "underwhelming" then you probably should't even be in this site.

SoapShoes2744d ago

Danteh you are just one of those loser superiorists that think their opinion is what everyone else thinks or "should" think. Those games are great, but Sony has just as an impressive line up imo.

ABizzel12744d ago

Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2014, Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, Sound, Little Deviants, Bioshock, Street Fighter X Tekken, Gravity, Silent Hill (ummm), Ruin, Super Stardust Delta, Hot Shots Golf, Virtua Tennis 4, BlazBlue, and Shinobido 2: Tales of Ninja were all shown.

Now will all of those be launch titles probably not, but we also know Killzone, Resistance, Call of Duty are also coming, and with PS3 to PSV "Transfarring" there will be even more games to play on PSV.

Neither handheld is in a tough spot, even though the 3DS has been as of late, but by the end of the year there should be something for everyone on both, especially since you can play all PSP games on PSV, and the 3DS store should be up with a ton of classic games as well.

firefoxprime2744d ago

Geez man...

I love my Aquos Blue 3DS. Haven't bought a game yet(yeah...i know), still waiting for something worthwhile. Fighter/Action-Rpg/Solid Racing

Sony is "definetly" slappin Nintendo in the face.

$250 price tag
Hardcore specs?
Region free????

Nintendo better get their act together and stop screwin around. I say even create an update that diminishes the region lock.

That Gravity Daze looks pretty cool too.

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farhad2k82744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The PS Vita's games are in a whole different class compared to the 3DS games.
You really can't compare. It's like comparing GameCube to a PS3?

I would rather have one GOOD game (Uncharted), over loads of underwhelming games (3DS games).

Just my opinion.

I know the PS2 line up is good, that's why I didn't include it in my example? Abit obvious?

Menech2744d ago

Ermm, have to disagree there's alot of awesome gamecube games.

That's like saying the PS2 line up can't even compare to the PS3.

When alot of people would say it's actually better.

StbI9902744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Sry but why would anyone compared ps2 library to ps3 again?...his example was more than better menech.

I would go with gravity daze over kid icarus, uncharted over zelda, modnation plus all the ps3 content over mario kart, modnation plus all its ps3 content over mario, and lastly but not less important, Crown over all nintendo games, I LOVE VANILLAWARE.

Wow cloudberry, that video never seen it, thanks mate, now who says kid icarus is better than that gorgeous game?

Plus kojima just kind of confirmed of transfarring coming to vita, so metalgear hd collection plus zoe collection are bound to be playable on vita.

hamburger1232744d ago

I dont like Mario and all the Nintendo stuff so that makes me automatically not interested in 3DS

Studio-YaMi2744d ago

Then you are missing a lot,Mario games are really great adventure games,didn't see something that could compete with it other than Sonic (old sonic) and crash bandicoot(old crash by Naughty dog).

But since it's not your cup of tea,all is understandable

FlintGREY2744d ago


I'm with you 100%

Give me some grown man games to play....LOL

meetajhu2744d ago

Mwahahahhaahahahh this is the biggest joke. The 3DS is obsolete its real competitor is PSP not PSV.

CptFlashHeart2744d ago

LOL, you're a knob. In what sense is the PSP better? 3DS kicks it's ass, and I ACTUALLY have both.

PSV will only be good when it doesn't cost £300. Who the hell is going to shell out that for a handheld?!

Half-Mafia2744d ago

@CptFlashHeart PSV only cost £230 same RRP as the 3DS, so i dont no where u got £300

batguyz2744d ago

well sony has the hardware and they have made the playing field even with the price point but from the way the industry is moving,software sells a system so unless sony truly delivers the software on lunch day or something like that,its meaningless just take a look at 3ds,good hardware but no softwares to support.either ways its going to be fun seeing how things will play out,both consoles are brilliant and they will have their fan base.

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browngamer42744d ago

Currently at this moment in time the 3ds line-up looks far more tempting..I mean we buy systems for the software right? Well the 3ds has a kick-ass amount of amazing software coming out for it in the coming months!

theonlylolking2744d ago

mario,mario,mario, resident evil, ace combat, metal gear and tekken.

rexbolt2743d ago

ur missing kid icarus dragon quest rocket slime zelda cave story

fluffydelusions2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

PSV vs 3DS is like PS3 vs Wii. This is seriously what it is shaping out to look like. Vita graphics look a generation ahead of 3DS. And all the big franchises on PS3 are coming to PSV and 3DS will get all the usual suspects as well.

VampiricDragon2744d ago

actually its more like ds vs psp.

Colmshan19902744d ago

No, it's less clear than that.
The 3DS isn't as far behind as either the Wii or the DS in terms of graphical capability because of the 3D. While The Vita has HD gaming, the DS has 3D gaming, which cannot be replicated on the other console.
I understand that the devs haven't got it working well yet, but as a PS3 gamer, I know that some consoles do take time before hitting their stride.
I'll be getting Vita because I prefer Sony's gaming library (except for Zelda and Pokemon, but I can't have everything, eh?) and the online services the Vita offers are incredible.
Plus, I love Wipeout, and I'll have it in HD everywhere I go.
Add in trophies, and I'm sold.
My PSP gave me 6+ years of gaming gold, while I've only had a DSi for a few months. I probably won't leave it as long to pick up a 3DS, but I will eventually get one of those too.
To sum up, I'm getting both eventually, as both look great to me.
The Vita is better though. (In my opinion)

DJMarty2744d ago

The majority of PSvita game that have been shown are Launch titles.

Ther are over 150 games in delvelopment. Support for PSvita is very good.

Colmshan19902744d ago

Didn't Sony announce 80?
It's still a high number, and support is clearly good, but it isn't quite 150.

stragomccloud2744d ago

I'd say they're both pretty neck and neck! Vita has Uncharted, but 3DS has a lot for fighting game fans. Both are going to be amazing, and I can't wait to get a Vita too!!!!!

fluffydelusions2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Vita is getting Tekken x SF. And if you ever played SSFIV on 3DS you'll see it's cut back immediately. Static backgrounds etc which isn't the case on the PSV.

supremacy2744d ago

And that game called along with a few others.

stragomccloud2743d ago

I can tell it's cut back, but I don't really care. The 3D effect is pretty cool, and I really love the Nintendo D pad. I grew up playing Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo, and the controls just feel right. Plus the street pass is also a fun distraction. Tekken though.... I think I'd prefer that on Vita for sure... It's just a better fit for Sony. Oooooh can't wait until PSV comes out!!!!

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