E3 2011: Dead Island Beach Bashing Gameplay (Cam)

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will go on vacation!

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LilDeja932746d ago

This game looks better and better everytime i see their trailers.

BeastlyRig2746d ago

I hope it turns out great! I love lush jungles! Have you seen Farcry 3? drool..

LilDeja932746d ago

Yeah lol Looks amazing. Brings you back to the days of Crysis 1, just not with all the advanced tech.

antz11042746d ago

Still on the fence, makes me think of a strictly melee L4D.

The graphics look great though.

NukaCola2746d ago

The scariness is hindered by the Borderlands battle system(The flash of +XP/-HP flying everywhere) but I'm cool with that cause each character has their own story and it looks really cool. My first impressions was that this was Bioshock-like, but the modding, L4D/Borderlands drop in drop out co-op really makes this something worth checking out. I like the first person melee too, other than Condemned, not many FPS take advantage of the coolness that is melee.