New PS Vita video shows social features, Resistance

Sony has released a new video for the PlayStation Vita, this time focusing on the system’s social features and the XMB’s replacement, the LiveArea UI.

The video shows off some of the neat social features such as Alert, Party chat and Near, which lets you see what’s happening and what people are playing, in your location.

As well as the social features, the video also gives us an unmentioned look at Hustle Kings working with CrossPlay, in the same way WipEout 2048 does and some small snippets of the Resistance Vita title that we’ve known about since the console’s original announcement as the NGP.

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Cloudberry2750d ago

But, if only I could see better video quality of the game...

SilentNegotiator2750d ago

ANY new Resistance Vita footage is appreciated.

Looks good other than the obvious auto-aim kill. Hopefully auto-aim is not an option in multiplayer, just as it was not an option in Killzone 3's MP.

Speaking of Killzone....that would have been nice to see more of, too.

And ALSO speaking of Killzone...did I see him full-on go into cover at 0:59? Interesting.

farhad2k82750d ago

I think I jizz at every VITA video I see . =|
I just can't help it!! lol

I'm definetely gonna buy an extra set of MOVE straps from Ebay so I can connect it to the precious VITA :D

remanutd552750d ago

Vita is looking like a dream come true , Resistance multiplayer looks great , i have just seen Uncharted Golden Abyss , Virtua Tennis 4 , Little Big Planet demos and im really impressed

B1663r2750d ago

Soooo.... If they can do cross game chat on this, then there is something wrong with the PS3 that prevents Sony from doing cross game chat on that...

sinncross2750d ago

Just because the PSV does cross chat does not mean that its currently at this time fully functional. Its possibly the same case with the PS3, or the MS patent prevents its use on a console.

Either way, I assume if it is possible on the PS3, outside of the patent, that they will only announce it when they are readying the firmware for it. Announcing it now for the PSV is purely for advertising purposes.

supremacy2750d ago

And this is supposed to be a psp 1.5?

Haters know nothing, this is more of an evolution than 3DS to DS.

This has the games and its priced at 250 with easy development to boot.

Day one.

Note, no hating on Nintendo just simply stating my opinion so take it as that.

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The story is too old to be commented.