Aliens:Colonial Marines Overview at Skewed and Reviewed

While attending the E3 conference in L.A. Skewed and Reviewed got a chance to see the new Aliens: Colonial Marines game in action as well as get some details on the game from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

Skewed and Reviewed were impressed with the graphics and gameplay and think that this may just be the game that fans of the Alien film series have been waiting for.

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Hellsvacancy2750d ago

Wow, sooo many awesome games on the horizon to look forward to

Garethvk2750d ago

I know. Bioshockl Infinite, X Com, Modern 3, Aliens, Rage, Skyrim, and so many more. The short list would be games that did not impress at E3.

MajorgamerQc2750d ago

Im playing AVP in DX11 right now. Cant wait to play this one as well.

ForROME2750d ago

FINALLY SOME NEWS! The fact that they showed this on the Nintendo game montage blew me away that MS or SONY didnt!

Garethvk2750d ago

I am just so happy that it is back and looks this good. Remember production was halted a little over a year ago and many thought it was dead. Gearbox has a great record and it looks like they have a winner. My only thing was the new alien. I know the need to expand but I think some games have ruined the Alien mythos by the need to keep creating new Aliens and Hybrids. I think the last game did a good job in mixing up enemies. But it was more of a AVP game. I know there are rumors of a survival horror Dead Space style game in consideration. Randy mentioned Dead Space when he said we like the dark areas where things pop out.

hudsoniscool2750d ago

there will always be differant kinds of aliens as long as facehugers "hug" species other than human.

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The story is too old to be commented.