Gran Turismo 5 Update 1.10 is now live

The latest update for Gran Turismo 5, 1.10, has been released on Playstation Network, the official PS Blog’s revealed.

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sinncross2744d ago

The racing gear is a nice update. But saving midway championships events is useful. one step towards saving during endurances races which would be great

kwicksandz2744d ago

waiting on being able to use bspec drivers in endurance like gt4

Denethor_II2744d ago

You can use B spec in endurance, just not in A spec.

Kleptic2744d ago

yeah, what's the difference? can do any endurance race in B spec...

but I understand that many don't want to even bother with b spec other than some remote racing for easy cash...which is where it would be great to save endurance races in a spec...

either way, glad i left off the Formula Gt championship until now...thats a solid few hours of racing straight (before this update), and not exactly one you can walk away with...

sikbeta2744d ago

Damn IT! I need to fix my PS3 ASAP! I miss playing the hell out of this game...

BigPappaPump2744d ago

ylod sucks. I can feel your pain brother.

zero_cool2744d ago

id like more muscle cars & sports cars please!

theonlylolking2744d ago

I just want more premium cars.

Jdoki2744d ago

This isn't really a criticism, but I was expecting way more patches and support for this game.

It definitely felt like the product was 90% complete when I first played it, and the early patches added another 1-2%.

Still enjoying it, just surprised PD have not been pushing it harder, as I felt they had created racing platform in GT5 which could really be built on over time.

LilDeja932744d ago

We should be grateful that after 6 months of its release, where still getting continous updates to improve on what is already a stellar game.

Kleptic2744d ago

dude have you seen all the updates?...I have yet to see a game this generation that gets this much post release support...there are literally gigs of updates now available...

not saying that is a good or bad the game clearly wasn't finished when it dropped...but 6 months later and still getting a ~400mb update with more promised? matter how you spin it; that is a good bit of free content...

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