Battlefield 3: 5 Minutes Of Pure Multiplayer Footage

Check out five minutes of pure Battlefield 3 multiplayer footage.

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Hellsvacancy2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Looks "awesome" even though its crappy quality, it still looks sh!t-hot!!!

captain-obvious2744d ago

lets hope FB2 is heavily optimized

Jacks_Medulla2744d ago

They are making a Facebook 2?

EliteAssass1n2744d ago

I wanna see destruction!!!!

ikkokucrisis2744d ago

I'm actually amazed at how they still can't get the lighting effects for flashlights right yet. But maybe it's just to make the game more enjoyable? I would say tweak it (dimmer) just a tad.

Catatafish2744d ago

What do you mean by the effects on the flashlights?

They look fairly right to me, you can only see it in little detail but the only game with better looking torches I'd say is Metro.

Although it is off screen and not in full HD so again hard to tell really, the light up area looks very bright and white, but that could be a contrast issue with the camera recording it.

On topic I'm hyped, hurry up September.

ikkokucrisis2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@ Catatafish

Just thinking about flashlights that I've used:

I know that when I shine one against a wall in a lighted room the reflecting cone is pretty dim, like to the point where I can't really distinguish where light cone starts and where it stops. Just think they could make a really simple tweak to tone it down a little.

Yea, it's a really nit-picky argument to make about any game, but what's happening is the dust particle effects in this game are so crazy good that something like a flashlight reflecting on a wall just looks a little off to me now.

How terrible of me to pick on perfection :p

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cochise3132744d ago

Looks better than mw3. I can't wait till this is out.

Sunhammer2744d ago

My turds floating around in the toilet bumping into each other looks better than Modern Borefare 3.

No comparison necessary, best multiplayer game of the year.

Ducky2744d ago

Does your turd float at 60 frames per second?

SLEDGE2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I'm getting both, but im more interested in bf3 then mw3.
Played 750 hours in bf2, and thats probably more then all of the cods I've played totalled.

Yes, on the PC @120 fps, why?

Catatafish2744d ago

Only 120fps lol?

My new rig eat the COD series games at about 220-240 fps.

I lol at 60 fps.

evrfighter2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

120 is what you should be saying as their are no 240hz monitors. Most ur gonna get is a 3d monitor which will display 120fps if your pc can handle it.

Which is what I play at also

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GoldPS32744d ago

Same video but still awesome

jriquelme_paraguay2744d ago

Third time in a row... but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

faraany33k2744d ago

Guys if you look closely, they are making it more like MW. What the Heck, BF3 which i know has massive open environments. Not some close quarter call of duty shit.

tsunami9012744d ago


LilDeja932744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Yeah their going to have a few small maps so that the game will appeal COD fans.

Don't worry though, there are also huge maps with an epic scale so we can destroy the sh!t out of it :D

Can't Wait.

Killzone3Helghast2744d ago

So a game can't have both? If you didn't notice preorder additions get back to karkand and wake island a month earlier free and those maps are HUGE

Catatafish2744d ago

It's sad really.

I want the pre order bonus so bad, but I am not using and Origin full stop.

I'll wait and pay for the map DLC :-(

theonlylolking2744d ago

The game has some close quaters maps but they are not small maps like COD's.

SLEDGE2744d ago

Its the "rush" mode, they start at the park, make their way trough the subway(Which YES, is cramped), and then you pop up out in the City.
It IS a big map.

caboose322744d ago

Yea man what he said ^^^

They are bringing back rush mode and you cant have big open maps in rush mode becasue it just wont work out.

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