Am I the Only Person Who Hated E3

Harry of FinalSmash gives his insight as to why exactly E3 2011 wasn't at all what it was set up to be.

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Kran2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Nobody hated it.

It was just disappointing in terms of what was shown.

Hate is a strong word, because saying you "hated E3" means you hated everything that was shown, meaning you didnt like anything you saw. Im pretty sure everybody had something they loved viewing at E3

Max_Dissatisfaction2747d ago

It was a major let down in terms of games. The only games that made me go OMG YESSSSSSSS! were Halo 4 and Overstrike, the rest I was expecting and/or had already been announced or I was just not very interested in. Although after seeing that Forza 4 footage I must say it really got me excited.
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