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Interview with Digital Eel

indiePub has posted an interview with indie game developers Digital Eel who offer a mix of insightful and strange responses.

From the interview article:

"Trying to get a straight answer out of Digital Eel is like trying to grab a fist full of Jell-O. Just when you think you get a good grasp, it quickly oozes between your fingers and only a few bits of iridescent goo actually stick to your palm.

Digital Eel congealed into a cohesive mass back in 2001 with the three-man team of Rich Carlson, Ikka Keränen and Bill 'Phosphorous' Sears. About four years later, they also absorbed a 'fourth Eel' named Ed Zavada, a coder who the three original Eels have never actually met." (Bill Sears, BrainPipe, BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity, Culture, Digital Eel, Ed Zavada, FlashForward, Ikka Keränen, Industry, iPad, PC, Phosphorous, Rich Carlson)

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