Diehard GameFAN: Arcana Heart 3 Review

DHGF: Three years ago, Atlus released Arcana Heart into the market, and I reviewed it. Three years later, almost to the day, Aksys has chosen to release Arcana Heart 3 into the market, and I’m reviewing it. One could call it fate or something similar, perhaps, but the motivations are different. When I reviewed Arcana Heart, it was because I had imported the game on PS2, found it wanting, and wanted to express this fact, since literally no one else on staff wanted to touch the game. Arcana Heart 3, however, was more of a matter of personal hope for me. See, Arcana Heart was the sort of game that exactly one group of people could enjoy, as you had to be both an incredibly hardcore fighting game fan AND the sort of person who could overlook the fact that the roster consists almost exclusively of fifteen year old or younger girls in semi-fetish oriented outfits. The problem, however, is that as someone who is somewhat of a fringe member of the former group and has watched enough Sailor Moon and played enough Deathsmiles to be tolerant of the latter group, I still wasn’t impressed.

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