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Nintendo's 'Bizarre' Wii U will be a Hard Sell to Gamers

Will lightning strike twice with Nintendo's tablet-centric Wii U game console? If the massive crowd enveloping Nintendo's E3 booth Tuesday here at E3 is any indication, the answering is yes. Still, while I'd be a fool to doubt the wisdom of the masses, the Wii U's buffet of features could prove tricky to comprehend -- for consumers and developers alike. And if the bulk of the original Wii's software library is any indication, that could prove disastrous. (Nintendo, Wii U)

The Meerkat  +   1579d ago
I'm not convinced yet.

But it would take a real fool to bet against Nintendo.
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CynicalVision  +   1579d ago
True, I remember these same type of articles when the 'Revolution' was first announced...we all know how that turned out.
Active Reload  +   1579d ago
This is a more straight-forward console from Nintendo. Devs for the "core" audience don't have to worry about the quirky type of gaming Nintendo usually does. But I suppose the specs need to be significantly higher than what's out there now in the console arena for the "core" gamer to buy into it. The bad thing about it is, even if the Wii U could do what a high end pc could do, the clowns and retards of N4g would still denounce it, lol.
Anarki  +   1579d ago
There's a huge difference between the "Revolution" and this. That's just a controller with a tv on it. The "Revolution" had completely reshaped the controller and made it into a complete motion based experience.

I'm not going to buy the Wii U. I think Nintendos luck has ran out now. After playing the 3DS I'm not convinced it's worth a buy either.
anh_duong  +   1579d ago
i like the idea of being able to play my console away from the living room with the wii u - having a psp myself i wish sony enabled remote play on most of their games that doesn't require dualstick controls. just worried about 3rd party support and future proofing (leadin edge technology).. the rapid obscelence of wii technology left a bad taste in the mouth
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thief  +   1579d ago
Yes, a gimmicky device with no new IPs, little third party support, lots of cheap shoddy games, underpowered graphics
I read a lot of positive articles about how wii's motion controls would change gaming. How did that turn out?

Every single wii owner I know is either a) a non-gamer who never switched it on after the first month b) someone who bought it as a second console, and never used it.

Nintendo has abandoned gamers and gone for gimmicky toys that make them the most money. Good for them. I have my PS3.
nycredude  +   1579d ago
That Wii U thing is retarded. Someone fell asleep at the wheel at Nintendo. I really didn't have much of an interest in Nintendo's new console since I really didn't like the Wii much but now I have absolutely no interest. They are trying to cash in on another trendy/gimicky thing.
catguykyou  +   1579d ago
They said the same thing about the Wii. It sold like hot cakes. I'll be picking this up simply for a new Zelda. Also, it should be the most powerful system out until the new xbox and PS come out.
Biggest  +   1579d ago
They also said the same thing about the N64 and Gamecube. We'll know the outcome when it happens. Nintendo is hit or miss.
thief  +   1579d ago
"They said the same thing about the Wii. It sold like hot cakes."
Some of us buy them for the games
What does the wii have that I couldnt get out of the Gamecube? Even the best motion control games have actually come out on the PS3.
jaosobno  +   1579d ago
Call me a fool, but I'm betting against them. Nintendo is out, microsoft will go mostly casual and sony will take the hardcore.
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forcefullpower  +   1579d ago
Not a hope in hell. You would take a few crappy Kinect games over Nintendo first part franchises.

My prediction is Microsoft is out by pissing of there core gamers and not releasing anything really good for casuals.

Sony will continue with core with a bit of casual and leave Nintendo to do what they do best and thats cater to kids and casual croud
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Drekken  +   1579d ago
Gamecube 2.0 in the making. Bookmark me. You guys seem to forget history.
Ju  +   1579d ago
I got really burned with the GC. Didn't want a PlayStation, then. I liked Nintendo. Then, no games, shitty controller. Yeah, PS it was from there on. Nintendo does it again. I pass. Fool me once...
NESpower  +   1579d ago
My doubts were put to rest after I saw the controller, which is much smaller than it appears. Pikmin was confirmed this morning. If it launches with WiiU, i'll be in line day 1.
Surfaced  +   1579d ago
It is strange huh?
I watched the whole press briefing live and I still don't understand why I would want this thing....

I feel really dumb for not understanding it but apparently I'm not alone.
B1663r  +   1579d ago
I think the idea here is... Kids spend all their time looking at some little screen that they are carrying around in their hands... Be it a DS, iPhone, or whatever. Therefore kids will want to spend their tv time staring at their hands... Er um, or something like that.

I don't get it, but I was wrong about peoples desire to waggle their wii's as well. And I still really don't get all the fuss about Super Smash Bros Brawl, or Super Mario Galaxy either...
ozstar  +   1579d ago
You haven't played Super Mario Galaxy?
Ju  +   1579d ago
I don't get it either. I think it is something what your brain gets trained to when you grow up. It just another platformer. Gimmiky. Nice when I was a kid. Some never grow out of it. That's for those I guess. But that is maybe why I still play Ratchet & Clank. With 40.

The Wii I understand. Its cheap and is for the kids. But this? Buy a 8 year old a tablet which flies around the living room? You know how long it took me to teach my kids not to eat the GC controller? Well, not very successful, tbh. Now, is that the target audience? Because I have a hard time seeing a parent explaining a 8 year old: "No, Daddy wants to watch TV. You go play on your tablet". Re: "Where is it, Daddy?"...or who else is it.

Hardcore? You have two choices: Wii-Mote or tablet. According to the main hardcore player here, 1) Wii-Mote No Go! (Who wants to play shooters with waggle - well, I do - but it must compete with Move there, now) or 2) Tablet. What? That thing does not have a real analog stick. Hard core games on a controller like that. Guys, we argued about DS3 and 360 controller for years, but now this is the solution? Don't make me lol.
Baka-akaB  +   1579d ago
i have no reason to want it either ... but i know i will based on the same old reasons : some of the nintendo ips
Prcko  +   1579d ago
It's better to buy Vita
scotchmouth  +   1579d ago
Sony really has my attention with Vita. The price point was actually lower then I expected which was a nice surprise.

Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
NESpower  +   1579d ago
according to n4g, so was Move...but I still can't see how anyone bought a Move based on games. After psp, it's going to take much more than 1 decent game for me to buy Vita.
scotchmouth  +   1579d ago
The controller seems like a double edged sword.

On one side that screen could really be tied into games well. For example that could be your radar on a FPS like (COD). Imagine using that to select killstreaks and interact with the battle field.

On the otherside I wonder how durable it really is. Modern controllers we have now can take a bit of abuse. How quickly can this get damaged if I drop it? That and it doesn't look as comfortable as the controllers we have today. I heard the weight isn't too staggering but that's quite a bulky device.
VampiricDragon  +   1579d ago
This article writer hasnt even tried it so his opinion is worthless.

I dont need someone who hasnt tried it telling me it will be a hard sell and is bizarre.

I need someone who has tried it telling me if it will be a hard sell or bizarre based on if the system is good or not with good features, if the controller is good, and eventually when they unveal them, the games.
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Disccordia  +   1579d ago
Well said I think we are all making the mistake of being too hasty to dismiss this. I am guilty of it too but after initial disappointment it's best to keep an open mind and wait for more info and one day to try it out for myself
byeGollum  +   1579d ago
Everyone's talking about being confused. I don't see what's complicated about it. I like what Nintendo has done with Wii U, comfort. I'm a potential customer.
VampiricDragon  +   1579d ago
theres nothing complicated about it

Its a system more powerful that the ps3, with 2 gen BC, external storage options, and a unique controller.

Next E3 likely we will see the games. And launch stuff

@ finger
if n4g is anything to go by, people are idiots. Its not that confusing.
The wii u is a console and it has an innovative controller. Its not a handheld like iwata said. Handhelds should have completely separate libraries which is why the 3ds exists like every Nintendo handheld before it.
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Baka-akaB  +   1579d ago
just one thing , and not that it will matter much ... we have yet to see if it's more powerful , and not just equal , if not inferior to the 360 and ps3 .
nycredude  +   1579d ago
"If n4g is anything to go by, people are idiots."

Dude you are one of them.

This things looks like shit, had no 3 rd party support and they showed nothing but a tech demo. Nintendo should stop focusing on gimmicks and start focusing on content. This is like a big 3ds with more horse power.
stealth500k  +   1579d ago
@nyc dude

At least he doesnt troll something he hasnt played

"This things looks like shit"

LOL based on what? Every person whose used it has been uber impressed. Even patcher a nintendo troll like yourself

"had no 3 rd party support and they showed nothing but a tech demo."

darksider, ninja gaiden at launch. And a new mario sidescroller in development. And the system is 1.5 years out. When the vita was revealed in japan they didnt show a single game.

"Nintendo should stop focusing on gimmicks and start focusing on content."

Nintendo focuses on content. And this "gimmick" will improve interface.

"This is like a big 3ds with more horse power."

Do you seriously think the controller is a console?
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forcefullpower  +   1579d ago
Yes it was completely confusing. Most people where very confused. They made no distinction between weather this was just an add on for the current Wii or has an additional console.

It's not until after the event when more info started coming out that people started to understand what its about.

People are split on weather they like it or not. Me personally this is what i wanted the Wii to be. Looking forward to more info coming out.

But the more people see the Zelda HD tech demo the more people are interested.
Burning_Finger  +   1579d ago
They should have made the 3DS the controller on that thing instead of making another controller. Nintendo got so many peripherals that's confusing so many gamers out there and not sure whether or not it's going to be expensive as ****.

In the end, the only thing Nintendo cares about is profits.

Expect a lot of ports from the third developers. Nintendo's are really behind on the next gen consoles.

It's ****ing ridiculous.
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Baka-akaB  +   1579d ago
at the current 3ds price ? I'll take my chances with a bigger screen pad
Venjense  +   1579d ago
Depends on price, games, and system power.

That controller screen looks way too expensive for it's usefulness, I'd rather all the cost when into system power.

Nintendo is trying way too hard to be different.
djslapdash  +   1579d ago
I am not impressed with Vita.

To me its just a watered down PS3 on a small screen.

I have a PS3 and tend not to play games outside of my house. So in order to get my attention the Vita needs to get me with games. Sadly the games are the same as those on the PS3, same concept and structure, except for storyline.

It's the same with the 3DS, except on how they integrate the use of 3D. Right now, no software is making me go 'WOW' with the 3DS. if it does however i will be getting a 3DS.

The 'WiiU' is like the 3DS good concept, but still waiting for the 'WOW'.
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PSjesus  +   1579d ago
Ok i hate it,but it will be a success
DOOMZ  +   1579d ago
Ok, how about some REAL specs Nintendo... Dont care at all about the controller!
LilDeja93  +   1579d ago
Regardless of how "bizzare" it is, it will still sell millions, its nintendo, and its a worthy successor to the first Wii.
azshorty2003  +   1579d ago
This will be an easier sell then the Wii was. This has HD graphics which was the Wiis biggest downfall. The controls were awkward too at first, but that went away once you got use to it. Same looks to be the case for this controller. showing that the Wii U can cater to hardcore games will make this much more appealing.
pcz  +   1579d ago
''Xbox360 is little more than a Halo delivery system''

ok, i will put this as simply as possible... i will buy the wiiu if it is evidently more powerful than the current generation of consoles.

if it is even hinted that it is less than a 360, im not buying it.

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fedex682  +   1579d ago
I am worried about the price. From what it looks, the controller seems pricey and it would be costly to buy two or more controllers for a prospective buyer.

It is all speculation for now until the price is revealed.
ndl1531  +   1579d ago
this thing is just ugly but time will only tell we know nothing about the console just the stupid controller (is it me or does it look like a leapster thing ) im saying cause my son has one and as soon as i saw it thats what came to mind . well that and an ipad
Grodd  +   1579d ago
If Nintendo doesn't watch out they will find themselves getting owned by Sony AND Apple.
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EvilDonkey  +   1579d ago
Hell, Ill buy it day one if they can use the new controller to something awesome.

I know a lot of people care a lot about the price, but if they can make something really unique and make it worth it, I don't care about the price.
jacen  +   1579d ago
all will be clear when we see some real gemes being demonstrated on this machine
mamotte  +   1579d ago
Same was said about a near $600 console.
DNAbro  +   1579d ago
Im confused why people make these assumptions so freaking early. Next to no games have even been announced for it.

To me, it's in the same position as Vita. I haven't seen any games i really want but im positive they will be coming.
Morgue  +   1579d ago
You can use it while weighing yourself though.
Enigma_2099  +   1578d ago
That controller, man... it'll be like playing a console with half the DS.

Hard sell? Yeah, right. You whined loud enough, and finally get what you wanted... you can do HD on Nintendo's console. It'll be fine...

... but that controller.
manman6  +   1578d ago
The Wii U look to much like the Wii. It is going to be hard to show a reason to get the Wii U when the only different is the controller.

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