Diehard GameFAN: Ten Thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS eShop

DHGF: On June 6th, Nintendo finally released the update for both the 3DS browser and the eShop. Now gamers who own/ed a Nintendo DSi could transfer their DSiware games over to the newest handheld, while those that never owned a DSi could finally purchase downloadable titles. After two days of messing around with the eShop I thought I’d write up my impressions with the storefront and its content.

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Technical World2746d ago

Its definately not a chaotic mess. They could use some better catagorizing and a cart would be cool but the downloads aren't slow, it took thrity seconds for me to download the resi evil video. And there's nothing wrong with the search and if it was catagorized better search wouldnt be too neccessary. And they have virtual console games on the frotn next to catagories so they can show off their newest and coolest titles. Stop complaining.