Interplay says it has financing for Fallout Online

Despite the latest 10-K filing not sounding optimistic for Fallout Online, in the latest Bethesda vs. Interplay court filings Interplay still says that it does have adequate funding for the Fallout MMO.

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Ausir2745d ago

It's rather unlikely, at least for now.

Bolts2745d ago

Why? I can count the number of existing console MMO with a single finger.

Ausir2745d ago

The license is for PC only.

bodybombs2745d ago

final fantasy 11, phantasy star universe, dc universe online.

you must have an interesting finger

Falaut2745d ago

Interplay is going to bury what otherwise would have ENORMOUS potential straight into the ground. FU Interplay! (Please note that Interplay of Fallout and Fallout2 years I heart dearly)