Dust 514 Connecting to MMO Eve Online, A New Kind of Shooter - Take Notice

Examiner writes "Dust 541 was one of the new IPs revealed during the Sony Press Conference at E3 2011 that had something special about it. The gameplay was shown and the graphics were definitely decent for an early build. But honestly what makes this game special are a couple of important innovations."

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iamnsuperman2745d ago

Too early to tell if this will be good but I will keep an eye out for it. Hopefully it doesn't fall down the route of other new ips and disappear.

Hitman07692745d ago

This game has a chance to add a lot to the shooter genre. I was a big fan of EVE Online as well and this crossover is unexpected and awesome.


im soooo tired of the entire shooter genre, give me something else. PLEEEEASE

iamnsuperman2745d ago

It will never die and its because it the most immersive way to kill people without actually killing people. Its in our (animalistic) nature to kill and FPS fill that need. That is why they are so popular without very much innovation.


totally agree. its just not for me anymore. Rise of the Triads killed it for me

ismejks2745d ago

Nice Sony is releasing more MMO shotter

koehler832745d ago

If I understood EVE at all, I'd probably be more interested in this game, at least in concept.

Unfortunately I just don't get it. The games are completely detached and disconnected... yet.. not so? Interesting, but confusing.

From my meager understanding, console players are mercs at the behest of PC players? And PC players seem to hate console players.. So they can just order them to their death? Or something? And if so.. how do the shooter players fight back?

See? I just don't get it.

DeeZee2745d ago

I must admit, I'm a little confused too.

DeadlyFire2745d ago

PC players set up places to attack in the universe. Basically they pay Mercs to fight for territory in the universe on tons of planets.

PC players will be able to assist in battles from a ship in the sky. Giving out resources and helping their side progress. Like dropping vehicles, maybe UAV like ability? and some other ideas? They win they spread the wealth.

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The story is too old to be commented.