Insomniac Games 'Dedicated' To PlayStation 3 Fanbase

PushSquare: "There's a lot of unwarranted vitriol being thrown at Insomniac Games over its new multiplatform project. From where we're sitting, it's unfair. Insomniac has been one of the strongest supporters of the PlayStation platform for years, and none of that goodwill should evaporate just because it's going to release a game on the XBOX 360. After all, let's not forget Insomniac's new game is coming to the PlayStation 3 too. More Insomniac content is good news, exclusive or not."

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zoks3102744d ago

Best of luck Insomniac, you guys make great games.

DatNJDom812744d ago


My feelings exactly. I wish anyone who has delivered some great moments in my videogaming experience all the best in their future endeavors. Insomniac will have my support whether their exclusive or multiplat. They are some great developers.

captain-obvious2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Insomniac make great game
i hope the best of luck for them

AND i hope they make games for PC too and show some PC love

NewMonday2744d ago

A lot are just taking the consol wars WAY to seriously.

oohWii2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Poor Insomniac, No good deed goes unpunished. They are for the most part being held hostage by the PS3 fanboys.

I will really feel bad for them if the games somehow plays better on the 360. Because obviously they are loyal to the PS3, but the PS3 fanbase (mostly hardcore fanboys) only care about Insomniac if the are doing good things ONLY for the PS3; spread the love to the 360 and your precious fanbase turns on you like a wife to an unfaithful husband.

Well insomniac, it's like being married to the mob, once you're in, they will not let you out

Great looking game though, I'm sure they'll throw in a couple extras on the PS3 version so that they won't get their asses kicked.

Kee2744d ago

Yeah, but people need to stop throwing a fit over them making a multiplatform game. You'll get to play it, anyway!!!

NateCole2744d ago

Was there a mass boycott of I.G games or petitions or death threats that i missed?.

Where are these supposed masses of people hating on I.G?.

The media won.

Kee2744d ago

Yeah, apparently people were ranting about it on twitter, there was a news story about it earlier this week.

These fools are all like "It won't be a good game because it's multiplatform"

Insomniac are like "Well how can you say that when you haven't played it yet?"

The answer? Because they're either psychic or idiots.

NateCole2744d ago

People ranting on twitter. Really?. How many people were there ranting?. Let me guess 3 or 4?. So that means the majority of PS fans right?.

I didn't know people rant on twitter. That is unheard of.

testerg352743d ago

NateCole, he never said mass.. Kee just said people.

oohWii2739d ago

Natecole, it's another variation on sampling. You simply take the number of overall comments made by PS3 fans and compare the good with the bad. If the numbers increase, the trend of good vs bad will typically remain true.

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TBM2744d ago

I was stoked after watching their reveal trailer for Overstrike. I could feel the crazy humor that this game is going to have lol.

Im already getting R3, and R&C this year, and im going to keep a close eye on Overstrike it looks like its going to be a very cool game.

NateCole2744d ago

I don't get where the writers get this "PS fans now hate i.g" mentality. If anything i have seen more support for I.G. from their loyal PS fans. Me included.

Also i don't get why journalist take it upon themselves to get Ted to say that they are still comitted to their loyal PS fanbase. Its not needed.

I.G. does not in any way shape or form need to prove anything to anyone.

I.G apart Kojima has done more than any other non Sony dev for the PS brand and PS nation. The few that are hating on I.G should go jump off a cliff.

Ted is a true gentleman and PS nation owes him and i.g alot.

Max_Dissatisfaction2744d ago

Lol its teh conspiracy!! Oh please, you know that this didn't just come from nothing, just check out their official boards and twitter, the ps3 crazies are very pissed off. Same thing happened when SE brought FFXIII to 360 in Japan, poor Wada got death threats

mastiffchild2744d ago

Wada made people buy a then expensive system to play FF13 and THEN changed the goalposts on them-nothing like what IG have done. Not comparable-though Wada deserves some hate he doesn't deserve death threats but that's by the by as his company needs to stop making shit. another thing IG don't do.

NateCole2744d ago

Its the response to the article the gamersheep article being recycled over and over.

There were only a few on tweeter and most were in support.

Check what official boards?. And Twitter?. Seriously?.

Why don't you show me those boards then showing hundreds and thousands of PS fans turning on I.G?.

Yeah pulling out of your ass as usual Max. Nothing new.

As for the x360 fans reponse to ME2 and Bungie. Google or search on N4G. Its not hard. Here is one on Bungie fourm because you don't know how to do a simple search.

Should someone make a flamebait article about it about x360 fans turning on Bungie?.

Man you x360 fans are f*cking pathetic.

Ninver2744d ago

I like Insomniac but after R3 i really wouldn't mind if they went multiplat. I feel like they have fulfilled my hunger for all their work on the PS3.

Pintheshadows2743d ago

I hope for another Ratchet game but I have a feeling Sly 4 will keep me happy. Now ND about Jak and Daxter....

Shazz2744d ago

cant wait to get my hands on resistance 3

beast242tru2744d ago

i dnt hav anything against this dev team/company it isnt like they abandoned the ps3 they are very loyal but more money is always good if you want make as much multi plat as you want just keep the ps3 exclusives cumin in also and keep us on the other games also and dnt let microsoft bribe you to make exclusive

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