Top 5 E3 reveals for core gamers

So far there’s no doubt that E3 2011 has felt a little… casual. All three major console manufacturers’ conferences were weighted in favour of products with mass market appeal especially, weirdly enough, Microsoft’s. But core gamers need not despair – there’s still been plenty of E3 material for us to drool over. Here’s X360's top 5…

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Organization XII2746d ago

YAY For Disney Kinect. Cant waitttt!!!


Reaper99372746d ago

Watched the Battlefield 3 Live SP demo, visually amazing, but bored me to death. DMC just looks rubbish, NT please stop making games you guys are an embarrassment to the gaming business, the rest of the list I agree with.

Inside_out2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

MW3 blew everyone away, especially those people that make games. M$ has for the last several years started E3 off with a COD trailer...this year was no different...

Here's the " black Tuesday " game play trailer exactly how it's going to look on consoles at 60fps...360 footage.

How about the that Tomb Raider game play trailer...WoW...gritty, dark and awesome...this is the way you present your game.

I know people ( certainly not all ) don't find car games hard core but Forza 4 is about as hard core as those games get...

Halo is back, yep again and the " core " couldn't be happier. Wake up Johnny!!!

Halo CE back for a encore...BRAVO!!!

Really??? NO GEARS

Far Cry 3...definition of INSANITY...WoW...

Resistance 3 looks like it could be a contender...

Many, many more but those are some of my favorites.

PS Vita ( name aside ) looks like the best handheld EVER.


Battlefield 3 out in the desert...Zzzz

Insomniac Multi-plat...where's the beef, as in game play???

Bungie and their new game...NOTHING???

Agent...this game better be perfect.

Uncharted 3 and the ak-47/pistol game play...Firecrackers anyone???

Kinect...Where's all the TGS games??? Elmo and Disney...Okkkkkayyyy.

Nintendo and that dumb, gimmicky screen...O_o

Presenters that don't speak English and English speaking presents that think they are funny.

Ice T...honestly...where's coco??

Jack Trettons tie, pink shirt and a beer belly...O_o

Ridge Racer guy...not funny, tho true...

Devs that only have shown their games on PC but expect to sell them on consoles...Id, Dice...etc...Where's the console game play???

Kinect Actors...nuff said

SuperMassiveGav2746d ago

MW3 and Tomb Raider looked hardcore to you? Did you think Dargon's Lair was hardcore back in the day too?