Nintendo: Wii U likely to cost more than $250

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has revealed that the Wii U is “likely” cost more than ¥20,000 ($250/£150).

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Shanks2747d ago

The Wii Poo should cost less than that.

dedicatedtogamers2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Here's the BIG question that are beloved "journalists" are too afraid to ask:

How much does each Wii U controller cost?

Unless Nintendo is willing to take a loss on each controller sold (they aren't; they even turned a profit on the Gamecube), then each Wii U controller will cost $90 MINIMUM. We're just talking about the controller here, folks, let alone the console unit. Wanna pay 4-player Wii U with 4 Wii U controllers? Yeah, good luck with that.

EDIT: 1 Wii U controller per Wii U? Okaaaay, then why in the world would I want to buy this? This is just a Wii HD with games that are going to be better on the HD Twins anyway. Anyone notice how most of the announced 3rd-party games for Wii U are just ports? Arkham City and Battlefield 3 are coming out THIS year, but Wii U is coming out NEXT year. Ports.

MonkJammas2747d ago

Well the controller comes with the console, and you can only use one Wii U controller per Wii U. Which is annoying, but least it means we won't have to spend a fortune on individual controllers.

Peppino72747d ago

If it does that would be the biggest mistake ever for them. It shouldn't cost anywhere more than 150 and that might be to much as well.

forcefullpower2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

After a very confusing conference on what the hell it was. Specs and the Zelda Tech demo being shown. This is the Wii always wanted.

Def first day purchase for me already. sit great beside my PS3.

Also being Nintendo it wont be more that £300

Ju2747d ago

One controller per console? Oh boy, this is getting better every time I read about it. /s

Wasn't it supposed to support "splitscreen" with multiple controllers?

VampiricDragon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

You will be able to buy multiple controllers but they arent talking yet

At least iwata isnt

Theres not one credible source that says 1 per

Active Reload2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

"The Wii Poo should cost less than that"

Then MS and Sony are going to have to have a price drop.

"However, it’s not clear how much is “higher than $250″ that we’re looking at. With the NGP priced very reasonably, Nintendo has a tough task on hand as far as pricing their latest console is concerned."

No, the Wii U doesn't compete with the NGP.

news4geeks2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

apparently the console doesn't have the processing power to handle more than one controller. If true this thing is about as useful as used toilet roll.

I'm hoping sony hold out on a price drop to $199 just before the wiiu launches. Make this thing fail.

macky3012747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

It only supports 1,..(streaming issues,.. lag)

I think classic wimote will still have a big part in party oriented games,..
This is just a hub controller I believe,..

matey2747d ago

there different versions of them games better if u like have u not seen the developers talking about the wiiu on tha video that told me just how powerful this thing is and IBM themselves stating its cpu is the most powerful out there basically its the same as there super computer (Watson)

fatstarr2747d ago

Nintendo isn't telling us a lot of stuff for competition sakes.

im sure nintendo wiiu will have the ability to use 2 or more controllers because if some one has a wiiu they bring it to ur house to play games there's a lot we don't know just blame sony and Microsoft for that.

controllers will be 70 or less
which is a deal seeing that most regular controllers retail for 50 not even counting motion

theres some secrets i think the camera on the wiiu mote has some hidden features

and the system better not break 299 unless it has a 6core cpu and a beast graphics system
but whats in it is mighty powerful seeing the real time zelda tech demo

DeadlyFire2747d ago

Ports maybe, but an amped up Battlefield 3 port versus a new Multiplatform slapped together FPS. hmmm...

Wii U = Wii HD. Basically. Does everything the Wii does, but it has all the features a modern High End console should have.

I wish there was more detail on the CPU of the console. Then we would know if its a new era HD or just a X360/PS3 CPU with a new video card type of HD.

Price point should be pretty low considering possibility of if its got a PS3/X360 type of CPU in it. 6 threaded 3 core CPU = same design as X360 CPU.

sikbeta2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

How it's going to be packed the new console? new console + [email protected] controller + wii-mote? or it's only the big-controller and the wii-motes are compatible with the new console?

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callahan092747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

We don't know the full specs of the new controller yet, like the resolution of the screen, but it seemed to have a decent enough resolution and it's definitely a multi-touch surface, so given the technology in the controller, I'd say the controller alone must be nearly 100 dollars. So if the hardware for the console itself is as strong as I hear, I don't see how that wouldn't go for about 300 on it's own. I think we're looking at about 400 dollars, if the console came out this year. Since it's coming out next year, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility to see it at 300, since the 360 and PS3 will probably drop 100 dollars by that time. So over 250? Yeah, definitely.

psb2747d ago

anything more than $300 for this. Ideally, it would be priced below $260.

news4geeks2747d ago

I wouldn't pay anything more than £20 for the console and controller together.

Ju2747d ago

$300 would be a very impressive price - w/o controller. More so with it. But does it come with Wii-Mote/Nunchuck, too?

Samus HD2747d ago

I think they will release a new version of wii remotes and nunchucks

GodGinrai2746d ago

i dont see nintendo going past $300. its the price of those controllers that im currently pondering..they look expensive for a OEM controller ...could be costly to replace...not sure how thats gonna sit with their casual audience...infact screw does that sit with us?

VampiricDragon2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

what are people expecting?

At launch the ps3 was 600
At launch the 360 was 400

New systems are pricy.

Deal with it

@ below

So? When microsoft came out first they had to deal with a 99 dollar ps2?

When new things come out there will always be something cheaper, thats the way of the market. I am seeing thigns out of this system that the ps3 or 360 cant do. They can make the price whatever they want


Theres no credible source that says you cant buy extra controllers. Iwata said they arent talking about it yet/. Hell its over a year and a half out

Ju2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Yeah, but it would possibly need to compete against a $199 PS3 (and even more so, if Sony bundles a Move into that package). $199 at launch? This will be an interesting battle.

Yeah, HD console vs. SD. That's a little different now, isn't it?

iamnsuperman2747d ago

It will need to but will they. They stated long ago that they wouldn't sell there next console at a loss. The thing is I think Nintendo think they are next gen but they are not really sort of a half step between this and the next. I think it can't be expensive otherwise it will not sell. The big question over this device is why should I buy there console when I already get the third party games on my PS3. Nintendo with this console should look at price and new, good, mature ips.

Ju2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Yes, but it will take them about a year to come up with titles which won't be ports. By that time, Sony/MS will have announced their new consoles. Sure, there will be early adopters. But, for me, I will hold off a little, because I see no need to rush into things - because I do have a PS3. Well, Wii has a huge base to upgrade - but I also think a lot of Wii gamers have either a 360 or PS3 as well.

Nintendo's controls won't convince me to play hard core titles on their console, even if they will look better than on the PS3 (I am expecting that). I'd rather compare what Sony can do for me upgrading my current PS3 library (and their next gen sequels) - with DS3 and Move support. I can't care less about that controller gimmicky. Nice, but not a permanent thing. I'd rather get me a pad and onlive...

iamnsuperman2747d ago

@Ju I agree with you 100%. I am going to hold off. Whats the point rushing when it takes two years to develop a decent game and by that time I suspect PS4 and the next xbox to be announced. Of course they will be early adopters like any system but at the moment there is nothing making me want to put down my PS3 controller and pick up a Wii U which play the same third party games at the same quality.

BeastlyRig2747d ago

good price it's a win 4 them!

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