Skyrim to “get away from the stats,” be “really accessible”

Bethesda may have just hit a double-whammy of pissing people off. Not only have they confirmed that they’re making Skyrim primarily for consoles, then porting to PC, they’ve now commented that they want to make the game “really accessible”. You can just about hear the hardcore RPG fans raging, right?

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TrevorPhillips2745d ago

I cannot wait for SKYRIM seriously!

Blacktric2745d ago

After seeing the E3 gameplay demo, in which a randomly generated dragon, which hunted the player even after he entered and left a dungeon, grabbed a Giant away to the sky that attacked to the player... I mean it's epic and I can't blame you after seeing that. It definitely looks like that it's going to be my personal GOTY for this year.

MAJ0R2745d ago

I'm kinda worried, every time a developer uses the word "accessible" we end up getting another POS like Dragon Age 2

I mean seriously no stats? WTF that's what an RPG is all about. at least there will be mods that can fix problems Bethesda screws up on

NewMonday2745d ago

my heart sank, their going to make this a first person Rockstar game?

"accessible" is becoming a swear word for gamers.

aPerson2744d ago


The dungeons aren't randomly generated. They're all hand-crafted

AceofStaves2745d ago

I'm worried that the push for accessibility will make it less appealing to those of us who are 'hardcore' RPG fans.

Julie2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I agree , i am also worried because on the video they equip the armor like Fallout , no more pauldrons or greaves is a full armor suit and the only extra parts are: helm, gloves and boots :(

VampiricDragon2745d ago

so like bioware they are making there games action adventure

soon there wont be any mor wrpgs left.

Shane Kim2745d ago

Thanks for that. Can't stand wrpgs.

RankFTW2745d ago

Well atleast it isn't being delayed so they can add Kinect support.

Substance1012745d ago

You would think that they would be taking notes from Biowares release of DA 2, It sold terribally because it was dumbed down. Ignoring the core market just to cater more people wont bring the sales they are hoping for.

Anyways i will be looking out for reviews before i pick this up, Already had my share of a great RPG with witcher 2.

LightofDarkness2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Typical arrogant executive logic. "It didn't fail because we dumbed it down, we just didn't dumb it down ENOUGH!! I'm NEVER wrong!!"

I pray they won't ruin this one.

Pillville2745d ago

DA2 just released a couple months ago,
and Bethesda has been working on Skyrim for years.

I doubt they would have a knee-jerk reaction to one similar game, and change major game mechanics just months before release.

Alos882745d ago

Personally I wouldn't have said they were "getting away from the stats", because that's a really poor choice of words.

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