Are Motion Controls Really "Casual" for First Person Shooters?

Examiner writes "Some gamers have often brought up the topic of what defines a hardcore gamer. Motion controls have been frowned upon by some in the gaming community and immediately discredited before being given a chance to prove themselves a lot of the time. The PlayStation Move seeks to go hardcore with plenty of First Person Shooter support in games like Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Socom 4, and more."

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Hitman07692748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I used to wonder the same thing, until I played some shooters on the Move and now I know it can be done. It is possible to have hardcore games play very good on Motion Controls in my opinion.

iamnsuperman2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

They need to be accurate and have buttons simple as. The move has shown motion control FPS gaming works.

news4geeks2748d ago

the move doesn't do fps any better than a normal controller. In fact, it does it worse. I'd like to try the sharpshooter because I think that will improve move for fps but I'd still use a ds3 for accuracy.

Wh15ky2748d ago


I use Move all the time for KZ3 and I'm better at the game with it and it's more fun (used DS3 to play through Co-op, didn't enjoy it as much and died more often too).

The Move takes practice to adjust to it and it can require alot of tweaking of the settings to get it to your liking.

Haven't managed to get used to using the Sharp shooter for KZ3 though, feels too rigid and awkward, there's far more freedom for moving and aiming simultaniously when using the Move and Nav freestyle.

dedicatedtogamers2748d ago

"Casual" is a marketing term. In truth, you could argue that ANY console shooter is "casual" (a.k.a more accessible, simpler, and more mainstream), even if it's being played with a dual-stick controller.

Would anyone here like to contend that Modern Warfare 3 or Halo are "hardcore" compared to the FPSs on PC (where FPSs originated)?

Lawliet2748d ago

It's ok so long as you are not using your hands as the motion control, with pointy fingers and go pew pew pew. Takes away the hardcore sensation.

marinelife92748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I LOVE the PS3 move on KZ3. I aim way better and faster now especially with sniper rifles and the assault rifles.

Don't waste your money on the sharpshooter. Get the nav controller and just rest them both comfortably in your lap aiming from there. Your arms won't get tired and it makes your aim even steadier.

Also turn off your vibration on the motion controller its so sensitive that the recoil from the rumble really will throw your aim off from the recoil making it harder to cluster your shots.

Set your dead zone to zero but when calibrating be very careful how far you move the controller to the edges of the screen. Too far and you need to much movement to turn. Not far enough and your controller will move way to fast and be to sensitive.

(Can't believe I'm giving up some of my Killzone secrets)

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Active Reload2748d ago

It's basically a novelty act that was done way before Move. If it comes with a system, cool, but I'm not about to run out and buy a motion control device, I'm over it. Anyone who has been faithful to the Wii already knows this.

iamnsuperman2748d ago

Thats the problem with move it needs a killer app/game to sell. Killzone move is good but dualshock works fine. I wouldnt buy move for killzone i already had it and it is good. We will not see move only fps until they sell more. The potential is there but sony hasnt capitalised on it. The should release move on fps and other games but they havent

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf2748d ago

I disagree. I think people need a soft introduction to Move controls before they can really feel the benefits. Adding the option of Move as an alternative control option allows people to either stick within their comfort zone or try out something new and beneficial.

Excluding the option for the dualshock is just going to alienate the fanbase and there's no reason for it since they can both be implemented so easily into shooting games. I say let the hardcore gamers choose and eventually they'll switch over to what ever option blends the best entertainment with competitive edge.

fghsjdfghjdfhgkjdf2748d ago

For the bulk of my gaming I have no interest in trading off control and accuracy for a bit of added immersion. However, I tried Move with Killzone and once I'd practised turning quickly it started to feel almost as accurate as a mouse pointer. For the first time I feel like I'm able to sit back into a sofa and play games without dealing with a trade-off in precision.

The added fun and immersion you get with Move is an added plus to me. Control, gameplay and precision came first with this implementation of motion control and that's why I feel it works for the hardcore titles rather than against them.

Bell Boy2748d ago

I agree...

Move in Killzone was a breath of fresh air to me, except for the co-op stages I got my platinum and only play online with Move....

As for the so called hardcore who think Move is too casual I will be blowing your head off far more times with my casual

Resistance 3 went from a not sure to a day 1 for me because they have opted for Move support...infact I am not sure I want to revert back to ds3 on fps from now

DJMarty2748d ago

MOVE has shown they are awesome

Wiimote shows that it not as accurate as MOVE

Kinect is basically laughable.........PEW PEW PEW anyone

Fishy Fingers2748d ago

Control input/interface does mean anything when it's comes to casual/hardcore. IMO the only difference is the persons dedication to the hobby. Casuals can take or leave it, don't get as emotionally involved, hardcore, well gaming is more than a hobby, it's a passion, one they usually take seriously.

You can be hardcore on a 3DS just like you can be casual playing Gears for an hour online.

Casual, hardcore, it's all BS, your just playing games, the type of which, system, control, it doesn't matter.

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