Dark Souls - E3 2011: Demo Walkthrough Pt. 2 (Cam) (2/2)

Can the behemoth be taken down? Find out in part 2 of GameTrailers's Dark Souls walkthrough.

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Kakihara2746d ago

'Eeee I've got a sword up me bum!!!' - Big metal warthog demon. Dark souls.

rebirthofcaos2746d ago

XD I know they made demons souls, but it is the same interface, they could have change it a little bit. still day 1 for sure.

additup282746d ago

after watching a few of theses, someone finally gave that damn pig what it deserved and turned into a tasty shishkabob.

kza2746d ago

Why change? Demons Souls was perfect, im glad they kept the interface the same.

blahblah2745d ago

game rocks, player sucks.

but... game is freaking demon's souls perfection.