Microsoft: "Gamers love sequelss – but only when they’re good"

Twitter became quite vocal about the fact that Microsoft hardly showed off any new IP at its pre-E3 media briefing on Monday. It was just sequel after sequel after sequel, people complained.

According to Microsoft, though, that’s what people are eager for.

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Tommykrem2744d ago

That sure is true! Strange how some sequels far outsell their predecessors, even when they're somewhat dependent of the story from the original. I've got nothing against new IPs though, after all they're tomorrow's sequels :)

Yi-Long2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

... not sequels that are just a little better than what came before. IF they're even better.

- Forza 1 (new IP!) was great. Forza 2 was more like Forza 1 HD, or Forza 1.5. Forza 3 was good, but again, not a HUGE improvement. I want more new fun original tracks, not 500+ cars with a billion polygons.

Forza 4 will have Kinect head-tracking and monthly DLC-milking. No thanks.

- Fable 1 (new IP!) was very good. Fable 2 and 3 were better in some areas, but also made too easy and lacking story-wise.

Fable The Journey seems to be Kinect only and on rails.

- Halo (new IP!): Reactions to this series are pretty mixed. Some think Halo 2 and 3 are better than the original, while others were a bit disappointed. Personally I don't know. Also don't know what to expect from Halo 4.

- Gears of War(new IP!) was great, and it seems Gears of War 2 was supposedly even better, and GeOW3 could also be better again, so that might

If MS wants to give us sequels, why not give us a sequel to the best rallygame ever, Rallisport Challenge 2!?

However, I feel it's fair to say that MS does need to also keep coming up with new IP's along with relying on their (now) old stuff. Yet, nowadays it seems they're placing all their chips on the Kinect-bet, and I'm not sure if all gamers agree that's the smart thing todo...

EYEamNUMBER12744d ago

Gears Of War 3
Uncharted 3
Mass Effect 3
Resistance 3
Modern Warfare 3
Battle Field 3
Far Cry 3
Fear 3
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
Assassins Creed 4

i can go on and on but these are the only games that come to my mind but im sure there are ALLOT more
sequels dominate any upcoming games list

Active Reload2744d ago

It's funny but the same people that dog Halo and it's sequels, are the same people that do a backflip for Ratchet and Clank. That's why I could never be that type of fanboy--I don't like boxing myself into an ignorant corner.

VampiricDragon2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

grand knight history - new game
new shining game
devil survivor 2- sequel
paper mario 3ds - sequel
disgaea 4 - sequel
srw og 3 - sequel

gamingdroid2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Well said.

I don't mind sequels, and often prefer them because it I enjoyed them in the past. Why change something that is good potentially ruining it?

I can't think of any recent NEW IP that has done significantly well. Decent? Yes... Great? No!

LA Noire might be the exception though. All the games I'm looking forward to seem to be sequels, sequels and more sequels. If people stopped buying sequels we might have more new IPs. You really don't have anyone else to blame, but yourself.

captain-obvious2744d ago

when there is nothing else but sequels

RedDragan2744d ago

Look, some people do like sequels. While others do not.

The best thing about being you, is that you get your cake and you can actually eat it as well.

Don't like sequels? Buy a new IP, you are spoilt for choice.
Love sequels? Take a look at the long list. Enjoy.

Gamers. We get a bigger selection than Hollywood could offer!

AAACE52744d ago

Sequels aren't bad! It's just that MS, Sony, Activision, EA, etc. just do it wrong! They try to come out with a sequel every year or two.

Nintendo usually puts out a mario or zelda in every gen. And open up some new stuff. Which is good, but they don't usually come out with a lot in between.

Biggest2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Nintendo puts out a new Mario every chance they get. What they do to mask their love of sequels is leave the numbers out. No one knows that Super Smash Bros is on the fourth installment. I'm not saying they milk SSB (4 games in 11-12 years is not milking), but that they leave the numbers out of the title.

gamingdroid2744d ago

Numbers don't lie, sales for sequels far exceed new IPs even fantastically great new IPs. There is, no if's and but's!

I like new IPs, but fact is it is overrated. Most new IPs are an unknown quantity, and the first in the series tend to have major issues.

I just play whatever I like, I don't even pay attention to exclusive or new IP. Doesn't mean sh!t to me and if you are a real gamer, you wouldn't either!

Yi-Long2744d ago

... but when a company is stating it as an excuse as to why new (1st party/exclusive) IP's are missing from the line-up (apart from Kinect), then the sequels they do have should be a real and proper improvement over the earlier gamers.

In the case of Fable, I'm not sure if that's the case, in the case of Forza I would have preferred more tracks, and in the case of Halo it seems opinions are very mixed.

Gears of Wears seem to improve with each new game according to the fans.

So yeah, sequels are cool, but we'd also like to see new IP's.

dkp232744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Fair to say they need new IPs, but clearly they believe and have accepted that they do not need to for this gen. The Halo franchise is one of the best selling exclusive ever and so is Gears of War. Forza is good and fable is ok. They are going to ride these four exclusives until next gen because they have shown they can compete with these four franchises and keeping their momentum with 3rd party multiplatform games.

I believe the great success from multiplatform games help MS keep the #2 spot this gen and the introduction of kinect this late in the game will sustain it...

With GOW franchise probably at its end, realistically, MS has 3 exclusive franchises, but in a way, the Kinect brand is taking the hole left by the geras of war franchise

If MS needs new IPs, I think they will focus on them for the next console...Well at least hopefully they do. Alan wake has the potential to be a great franchise if they invest in developing the game. I wish they would...

stephmhishot2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@active reload

I think the difference is that there have been new IPs created on Sony platforms in recent years.

If Sony was relying on R&C to be one of the sole reasons to buy a Playstation console in the year 2011, then you'd see some of the same outrage.

Remember, outside of Gears, most of MS' big franchises that are still seeing sequels were created last generation (Halo, Forza), whereas Sony created or helped create, new IPs to start this generation (Uncharted, Resistance, Infamous, Heavy Rain, LBP, Modnation Racers).

I would be surprised to see most of the PS3 generation IPs be the focal point of the next PS platform, outside of maybe LBP. On the other hand, you now know that Halo is going to keep chugging along on the next MS console thanks to the announcement that it is another trilogy.

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TBM2744d ago

True, but I also like when new IPs are created to supplement the sequels.

EVILDEAD3602744d ago

Every consoles' 'bread and butter' is to create IPs and make sequels to the successful ones. Microsoft is the only company who gets criticized year in and year out because they are doing EXACTLY what Nintendo and Sony have done for years.

No one gives credit to Microsoft even when they release great new IPs like Alan Wake.

Just look at what Sony has released since ending with Gran Turismo 5..

Little Big Planet 2
Killzone 3
Yakuza 4
Motorstorm: Apocalypse
Infamous 2

And the biggest title for Sony is obviously Uncharted 3


But you don't hear a peep..why? Because it's standard practice

Nintendo's IPs have spanned generations and if they have spent the last two E3s dominated by revitalizing every one of their IPs.

If you look at both Nintendo and Sony handhelds whether it's PSP to Vita or Gameboy to 3DS..those titles are dominated by spin-offs of every IP that makes it to their console brethren.

Micrsoft has proven that you don't need Nintendo or Sony strategy to be successful this gen.

The top exclusive 5 franchises on the 360 are Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza and now Kinect Sports

Reach and Fable 3 were released last year..

This year..Gears of War 3 is obviously going to be a MONSTER title

Forza 4 looks as amazing as it's predecessor

It's simply a no-brainer to release sequels to your two big Kinect titles Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2, as they led to the the most growth of the system

Although we have Halo CE HD to tide fans of the series over..but it's Halo 4 that will dominate 2012.

Let the haters break their keyboards..people lie..the numbers don't fans will support their fave games regardless of the usual internet noise.


sikbeta2744d ago

Dude, maybe it has to do with MS not expanding their library with new IPs, sequels are great, no one can deny that, but MS can apply the same rule to New IPs by creating new games, first party to assure they don't go to other consoles and expand their lineup and then keep making sequels...

gamingdroid2743d ago

I think that is a misconception.

MS strategy seems to groom 2nd/3rd party to create exclusives for them. Let the people passionate about it do it...

Look back at how many exclusives started on Xbox 360 this generation: Mass Effect, Lost Planet, Bioshock and so on.

Tommykrem2743d ago

You've got a fair point, but I think most people critize Nintendo for not making new IPs this gen. And Sony has obviously been best in that area the last three generations. That's why I like PlayStation best, really. That and I grew up with it, so no turning me back :P

callahan092744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I just think it's a bit ridiculous that essentially the only new games they announced at E3 were FOUR different Halo games (Halo remake plus a new TRILOGY starting with Halo 4), and the rest was all Kinect games, and there's nothing wrong with Kinect per se, but half of those games are starting to feel like the same game hidden behind a different theme. They're on-rails experiences. It's one genre. You may dress it up in Star Wars, Fable, Disney, what have you, but more than half the Kinect games coming out are different themes on the same genre. The rest are dancing games and mini-game collections.

Sure, Sony didn't announce much more new stuff at their conference either, but the difference is *they didn't need to*. Going into the conference, MS had Gears of War and Forza, and that's it. They needed to bring on some more, and all they brought was 4 new Halo games? FOUR? All announced at once? It's practically not even an announcement, it's just an assurance that they're going to keep making Halo for the foreseeable future.

Sony on the other hand could afford to keep the new announcements lite, because going in they already had a plethora of games coming out in the near-to-distant future: inFamous, Uncharted, Resistance, Ratchet & Clank, Twisted Metal, Starhawk, The Last Guardian, White Knight Chronicles 2 (not published in the West by Sony, but still a Sony game), and more.

Everybody prior to E3 was defending Microsoft only having Gears 3 and Forza 4 for this Fall by saying "Wait til E3", but then E3 happens and what's coming out this Fall? Those 2 plus an HD remake of Halo. And maybe a couple of Kinect games if you're into that sort of thing.

Microsoft still hasn't even released any AAA games in 2011 so far. And when I say AAA I'm not really talking about "good games", I don't think it's anybody in particular's place to make that distinction because we all have our different opinions, but I mean AAA in the objective sense of a big-budget, highly marketed disc-based release. Sony has had a few already: DC Universe Online, LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, MotorStorm Apocalypse, inFamous 2... And then for the fall they've got a higher quantity of releases than Microsoft as well.

It just seems to me that Microsoft is starting to really fall behind in releasing a quantity and variety of AAA exclusives for their console.

theIMP2744d ago

I heard of Halo anniversary, and Halo 4, what are the other 2 you talking about? You said 4? Are you counting the other 2 distant future games in the trilogy? That doesn't even make since. Those will probably come out on the next system anyway. I think you're trying a little too hard to discredit MS. Kind of sad really.

callahan092744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

What's sad is that the only rebuttal you can make to my comment is to criticize, of all the various things I said, that I mentioned "four Halo games" being announced. And to criticize that statement is pointless, because they announced Halo CE Anniversary, that's 1. Then they announced "A new Halo trilogy." That's 3 more. If you want to look at it as 2 games, because of the "new trilogy" only Halo 4 is currently named and has a launch window, then so be it, but it doesn't take away any of the weight of my commentary.

bodybombs2744d ago

seems like a ton of great games are coming out this year. personally exclusives arent really a big deal. i buy most of my multiplats on xbox, i buy a few ps3 exclusives here and there, and i buy some xbox exclusives ie. fable, halo, and gears.

i dont see anything wrong with announcing the halo games that they did, and reassuring people that there will be at least another trilogy.

honestly i thought ms's conferance was pretty good, and as a person who never wanted kinect before they did a good job of making me want one.

EVILDEAD3602744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I agree with the others on counting Anniversay & a Halo announcement of the H4 game that is the start of a new trilogy the same as bringing 'Four new Halo games'.

The funny part is the 'rail' claims you make about Kinect..but the ONE real Move game shown 'Medieval' was pretty much the same thing.

Even funnier is you somehow clain that Micrsoft should have brought 'more', and you use Sony as an example, but Sony's E3 was the EXACT same strategy as well

Sony showed Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Infamous 2,Dust 514, the 'on-rails' Move game, multi-plats, and games for Vita

Nothing on that stage in the 'near or distant' future Microsoft at all. None of the AAA releases this year effected Microsoft at all.

Like one of the others are trying too hard to discredit Microsoft.

You say that people defended Micrsoft's decision to not release AAA games in the first half of the year and list them. But after the dust has settled it's clear that Micrsoft's strategy was dead-on.

Killzone 3 was a big game for PS3, but Micrsoft still had Reach charting and ultimately doing 8 why release a shooter when Bulletstorm filled the bill and advertised the Gears Beta at the same time.

You speak on quantity of releases, and everybody throws those lists out, but when the rubber meets the road and the games goes get a number of titles that barely get support. For example, Alan wake got bashed by the PS3 community for not selling great numbers on the 360. Fast forward and games like Yakuza 4 do horrible numbers outside of Japan, Motorstorm: Apoc as you list is barely outdoing Blur with 100K+, DC Online met the same fate as the 360's Final Fantasy Online.

So I again say Microsoft strategy in this financial climate is sound.

People bashed Rare for making Kinect Sports, but it's success is why you see EA now planning on using Kinect in all it's major releases next year.

Releasing games against strong multi-plats is futile. Sony has the clout to own alot of studios and release many exclusives. But Motorstorm: Apoc sales (no matter how good the game is) for other companies are the reason developers like Bizarre Creations who developed on of my faves (Blur), lost their publisher.

Micrsoft is in a great position right now and regardless of the usual hate they get, E3 solidified it will have another huge Fall and holiday.


The_Ultimate_Guy2744d ago

Well said EVILDEAD360...... well said.

dkp232744d ago

I am not sure how people determine what is a triple AAA title, but the cost of making a game isnt a criteria for me.

When I think Triple AAA titles i think of :

1) Halo
2) Gears of War
3) Metal gear solid
4) final fantasy
5) God of war
6) grand turismo

These titles in my mind are known beyond the gaming community and in mainstream which makes it a AAA title to me... People buy systems for these games.

Why o why2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Evil...well put, i must say but hear me out. You seem to care well too much about ms and their revenue. If sony can survive with these games you say sell crap and fund the upkeep for all these studios you'd think ms could at least throw us a bone since they love to tell us about how much they get off live members, myself included and can blow how ever many millions on marketing kinect.

Your point about games cannablising other titles is a good point also. I always thought sonys model would discourage 3rd party support in the long run because sony almost has a competing game in every genre. That being said im a microsoft nor nintendo like most coporations wont give a fcuk about me if i fall on hard in this for me and my interests. Some of my wants may be unreasonable to some but i buy a console to play games, multis and exclusives especially or whats the point having them all.....

You mentioned ps fans doggin on alan wake, sorry but that happens both ways and its dumb I own that game...this tomb raider reboot kinda reminds me of it.

360 guys are still paying for live when there are 6+ month gaps in exclusive non kinect retail titles...not the first time either. Cant you now see that ms has a taste of even better money now and who'd you thinks getting left out so instead of Rare announcing a new killer instinct their announcing some more kinect stuff. Sony too want some of this cash but they didnt totally focus on move and the casuals. I still have the games that ive always loved coming. I enjoyed yakuza 3 and 4.....the ones that 'sells crap outside' japan....i enjoyed the ef out of it. Sega must be doing something right if a game that sells crap can make it to part 5 dont you think plus should i be so caring that i'd prefer it didnt exist just because it might flop....sorry dude but some of those smaller titles are what shapes our gaming selves...we cant all only watch blockbuster films when there are many great indy films out there plus my whole point of buying a console is to play what i like NOT to care more for them than i do for my own pleasure effin way.

Ive nothing against safe sequels but a little bit of risk is why we have games like limbo, shadow of the c, ico, flower, okami, Ill support what i can and hope they continue to thrive be it multiplatform games or exclusives but thats as far as my concern goes. I want both dammit

callahan092744d ago

@EvilDead, I appreciate you putting a lot of effort into your reply, but I think you're missing the entire spirit of my original comment. I didn't talk about Move, or that Medieval crap that Sony showed, and I didn't hype it any way, nor was I including them in my discussion of Sony's AAA efforts. And, yes, Microsoft did announce an entire trilogy of Halo games. That's 3 games. It doesn't even matter, though, because it doesn't make a difference how many they announced. I'm not offended by how many Halo games they announced. I only mentioned it because it happened. I feel, though, that they are already committing to allocating a vast amount of their resources into the Halo franchise, while it's abundantly clear that the majority of the rest of their resources are going into Kinect.

I also mentioned, in case you missed it the first time around, that Sony didn't bring much to the table either, but I argued that "they could afford to keep the announcements lite" in comparison to Microsoft, because they already have a plethora of games across a variety of genres announced and they're spread out evenly so there's something new right around the corner all the time. I mentioned that Sony has had a packed year already, and they're poised to have a more packed Fall & Winter than Microsoft, and that it's disheartening that Microsoft doesn't seem to be allocating many resources towards the development and publication of core, AAA games on a consistent basis besides what appears to be a long-winded push for Halo, Halo, Halo, Halo. Throw in a Forza or Gears game every couple of years, maybe.

Is that *REALLY* as enticing to you as a gamer as what Sony's doing? Is it really?

As a gamer, yes, I am excited for what Microsoft has shown. But that's a limited quantity of content.

I'm excited for Gears 3, and the new Halo remake, and Forza 4 is looking amazing, but then what is there for me after this Fall? I have to wait 1 full year for Halo 4? So after Halo Anniversary comes out, I have no exclusive, core, AAA content to look forward to on my 360 until 1 full year later and it will be another Halo game for the fourth year in a row? I already got sick of the annual Call of Duty's to the extent that I skipped Black Ops and don't even have any desire to go back for MW3. Will the same thing happen with Halo for me?

That's just where I'm coming from on this.

Mkai282744d ago

I understand what you are getting at to some extent, Microsoft having so few exclusives(games we already expected) and relying on 3rd parties for the rest. Moreover, Sony had more exclusives(games we also expected as well)

E3 was to be about new things that are to come, ips, hardware, ect. Like Nintendo's new console, or Sony's new handheld. But this year for Microsoft, it was just new software and Kinect games.

Games like COD, Ninja Gaiden, and Boishock Microsoft should've snagged at the beginning.
(Especially COD that already seems like a xbox exclusive.) Though they be sequels, it would've at least been more sequels that Microsoft spoke of.

Also, is DC Universe, and MotorStorm Apocalypse really AAA games?

EVILDEAD3602744d ago offense but your all over the place.If your now spouting the Micrsoft only has 'Halo Halo Halo' then there really isn't much else to discuss. It's not reality it's simply the same ol' fankid dribble that we hear all the time. Look we get it, your a PS3 gamer who claims to own an xbox only when it's time to criticize it. We see it all the time. When you speak of 360 games, it's clear your speaking from the outside in.

Me..I've owned every console for multiple gens..I'm at 150 games owned (not rented) on the 360 alone. This is not to impress a's because I love games.

But if ANY of these guys claiming (like Why o Why) and yourself that becuase the 360 didn't release games in the 1st quarter that 360 gamers were sitting on their hands you are mistaken. And if Callahan won't have anything to play after fall on his 360 then that's on him.

As for me..I spent more money on gaming last year then I had in years..especially from September on.

This year alone I have wayyyy to many games for my 360 alone to play. So I always laugh when you hear these fake cries that there is nothing out there to play.

I'll speak for myself and the gamers and people I discuss gaming with. Coming into Jan..I was still playing Reach, Black Ops, and NBA 2K11 online..not to mention Kinect and still trying to finish other 2010 games.

From the end of January on it got crazy..Dead Space 2 (which is my fave experience this year until LA.), Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Portal 2, Homefront, Shift 2, and LA. Noire (which is like f-ing crack). I also bought 4 more Kinect games during that time. For my PS3 I bought Killzone 3,Mortal Kombat, extraction, and Top Darts for Move (because of my love for Kratos). A couple of my 360 games are still in plastic.

Micrsoft played this year well
Gears 3 (Sep) Forza (Oct) Halo Anniversary (Nov)

Knowing the entire gaming universe is going to go broke buying Madden, NBA 2K12, Batman Arkham, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: MW3, and Assasins Creed: Revalations.

I know for Kinect I can't wait to play Child of Eden next week. But I'll definately buy, KSports 2, Motion Sports: Adrenaline, Star Wars and DC 2 for me. For gifts I'll definately get the Disney & Sesame Street for the young ones.

And this is all what I'll own for 360 alone..this doesnt include the mandatory Uncharted 3 or inevitable Zelda purchase.

Again..micrsoft's strategy of tripling Kinect software by the holidays and focusing on their blockbuster titles is the perfect strategy this year. Next year will be about 720 and Halo 4.

At the end of the day..this is a great hobby (expensive but great). I salute the real gamers that support and play the games. No matter what your preference.

Just my take


bodybombs2742d ago

evil needs more bubbles

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FACTUAL evidence2744d ago

People love new Ip's here and there as well MS..

Downtown boogey2744d ago

You know what else is true?

"Gamers love games - but only if they are good."

Aarix2743d ago

I loved ff13 but people seem to hate it.

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TheLastGuardian20102744d ago

Yes people love sequels, but they also love new ips. This is called being safe, which is a bit sad. Sony has shown support for new ips, while Microsoft stays weary. Funny.

gamingdroid2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

That's a misguided belief? Clearly in order to have a platform you have to have new ips. MS made plenty of new IPs last year with Kinect they just weren't aimed at hardcore.

MS just doesn't want to make their own IPs and refer to third parties often times as new IPs are very costly to make and extremely high risk.

I think new IPs are much more likely to come when a new console is launched. People are much more receptive of new experiences and games at that point.


Then maybe the Xbox 360 isn't for you. There is nothing wrong with that.... I like Gears (a lot), Alan Wake, Halo, CoD (a lot), Mass Efect (a lot), Ninja Gaiden (a lot) and the Tom Clancy stuff. I also insanely enjoy Kinect, and can't wait to have it completely integrated into the Xbox 360. I also use my Xbox 360 a lot for Netflix more so than if I had just a HTPC which I do have as well. So having more media integration with interactivity is a huge plus.

Sure, I would like new IPs, but I find that I play mostly sequels. Games I'm familiar with.... the last new IP I bought was Alan Wake I think and that is over a year ago and I own all three consoles!

TBM2744d ago

That's the issue I have with them right now. I buy my consoles for the exclusives they have not 3rd party games; to me I consider those bonuses.

If they don't have exclusives that interest me (not a huge fan of halo, fable, and forza) there's no point in owing the console for other than Gears, Alan Wake two pretty good games.

I want Microsoft studios to take some damn risks and create some new adult IPs because I don't give two sh*ts about kinect and that causal crap.

Same goes for Nintendo stop living off the nostalgia and create some new and interesting IPs.

theIMP2744d ago

@ gamingdroid
I agree with you 100%, but you know these people would never buy a 360 no matter what MS put out. All they do is hate. Let them, I will enjoy all the games that the big 3 release anyway. They don't even care what their missing so why should we? They talk about Sony exclusive's this, and Sony exclusive's that, Sony has all these exclusive's, when the simple FACT of the matter is MS has more exclusive games out right now. I'm not talking about Kinect, or quality, but in total numbers MS has more exclusive's, and more total games. Let them live in their own little world and think what they want. It won’t stop me from enjoying what everyone has to offer.

DiRtY2744d ago

Oh ignorance.

Uncharted 3
Resistance 3
GT 5
God of War 3
Infamous 2
Ratchet and Clank 4, 5 ?
Metal Gear Solid 4

Forza 4
Gears of War 3
Halo 4
Dance Central 2
Kinect Sports 2
Fable 3 / 4

Everybody does sequel. Check Nintendo and Mario. People do love sequels.

But again Kinect does not count right here, right.

PirateThom2744d ago

People do love sequels, but they also enjoy new IPs, what they don't enjoy is sequels and nothing but casual new IPs on Kinect.

EVILDEAD3602744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )'s the people who don't own Kinect and hate anything Microsoft who don't like ANY IP on Kinect..the casual/hardcore stuff is a front for the same old fankid shenanigans

PirateThom2744d ago

All the IPs on Kinect are rail shooters. Did you see the E3 conference?

ECM0NEY2744d ago

Casuals are ruining the industry. Lets start a war

Kingdom Come2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It was confirmed in an interview almost straight after Microsofts Conference on Gametrailers that Cryteks "Ryse" at the moment uses both Kinect and a controller, the way it was worded was that it would use both at the same time, sounding as though the player would control movement of their character...

gamingdroid2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Kinect is finally showing a lot of the stuff promised at E3 last year. Complete in dash integration, hardcore game support like Ghost Recon, Forza 4, Mass Effect 3, and Ryse, scanning of objects and humans, IP TV...

I mean there is a lot of stuff there. They didn't pause for one moment to talk about how great their heritage was like the others or blabber on. It just wasn't all about you!

MS presentation this year was by far the best, the content could be improved as always.

EVILDEAD3602744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

@ Pirate Thom

'All the IPs on Kinect are rail shooters. Did you see the E3 conference?'

Yup I saw it..did you? I'm sure you did..but I can only guess what goggles you were wearing..see it's easy gto try to smear Kinect by box the game into a category..but ALL IPs are rail shooters..LMFAO

So now Minecraft is a rail shooter?

Fable: Journey is not a rail shooter..they showed one tiny snippet from it with horse riding and magic and it still wasn't a rail shooter.

So using a lightsaber and force powers in Star Wars Kinect is now called a 'rail shooter?

Kinect Sports 2 with golf, baseball, darts etc is a 'rail shooter'?

Dance Central 2 is a 'rail shooter'?

'Ryse' is a rail shooter?

Forza 4 is a rail shooter?

EAs entire Sports line-up is now 'rail shooters'?

Implementation of Kinect into Mass cEffect 3 is now 'rail shooting?

Implementation into 'Ghost Recon' is 'rail shooting'?

Kinect Fun labs with all of the hacks are rail shooters?

Clearly they are not..but we get why you would say it


mendicant2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The hate for anything Microsoft on this site is so apparent that it doesn't surprise me anymore. People will say ANYTHING to hate on here.

I think that by far MS had the best pressconference. The kinect stuff they showed was awesome and really did a great job in showing how it can be used for all types of games. I love my kinect so for me I was stoked to see what they have in store. Halo4 was my favorite announcement though being a huge Halo fan.

Let the haters hate. They'll never stop. They have the same talking points and that's all they do. They won't stop me from playing any of my kinect game purchases in the future, Halo4 or Uncharted 3 for that matter. That's what's great about being a gamer. Just having fun and gaming and not crying about shit you weren't going to purchase anyway.

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Apollyn2744d ago

I only like sequels if there different from the original but still original in there own sense....

This year I refuse to buy AC:R why? To much milking.

I bought Tw2 because of the developers and they don't make a new game every other year. Look at how many halos and fables have been done this Gen. In short time spans.

All being said I'm a big uncharted fan but only because the game each time is different enough to wow me all over again

DragonKnight2744d ago

Gotta love it when we're told what we love.

Maybe if you'd give us new IP's, we'd have a chance to love those. But all we get is bombarded with sequel after sequel.