OXM UK: Jonathan Blow's cancelled Kinect game

OXM UK: "The man behind indie smash hit Braid has been hard at work on his next project for quite some time now, but he very nearly ended up developing The Witness alongside a second, Kinect-enabled, project."

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Burning_Finger2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

He's a very smart guy.. I like him.

More Indie developers and third party developers should follow his lead.. More CORE games, less casual.

@ Kon:

Don't be hard on yourself buddy. You're not idiot, you're "special". XD

Kon2746d ago

What a idiot... And i'm not talking about him.

-MD-2746d ago

@Burning_Finger - "You're not idiot"

@Kon -"What a idiot"

I find all this very ironic.

ratsrock2746d ago

Fascinating how the most respectful,honest and smart person in the industry gets all this hate, for no good reason.

He only has one game, maybe this will change in the future when he has more stuff out there. More people will respect him!

I am anxiously waiting for The Witness and all of his future stuff.

LoaMcLoa2746d ago

Lol his last name is actually Blow? xD He should get together with Guy Cocker from gamespot

Colmshan19902746d ago

I do love Braid...
Hopes the game he is working on comes to PS3 and maybe Vita?