Haze is not 'gold' but still glitters

Whilst playing Haze in an exclusive hands-on session at GameCity 07, it is revealed that Haze is still being worked on. Previously sites like Gamepower Australia ( had said Haze had gone gold.

PS3 Attitude reveal what the game looks like right now and their expectations for a release before Christmas.

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Apocwhen3982d ago

"However, David was keen to point out that they should still have it ready and available for Christmas."

Fingers crossed. Looking forward to play this one when it's released.

doomsonyman3982d ago

AGREED i hope this is good

LSDARBY3982d ago

One less game to buy in November, Phew

gtgcoolkid3982d ago

It sounded like they are pretty much done. Just trying to "gloss" it as they have little bit of time so why not use it.

socomnick3982d ago

Don't expect much its gonna be garbage.

Dpa3982d ago

Just like Goldeneye and the Timesplitters series were, right?

Liquid Ocelot3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

How did you come to that conclusion socomnick is it because it's a PS3 exclusive?

Apocwhen3982d ago

I forgot you played the finished game, even though it's not completed yet...

mesh13982d ago

folls like dpa think that the team that left rare was responsble for making goldeney this is major lie/mistake thes esony driods have feed their brains to belive AL i can say about that is HAHA right the core ppl rare members are still in rare end off.

sonarus3982d ago

haze may not be the most promising ps3 exclusive but it will be a decent game. Not less than 8.0 by most reviewers. Graphically the game isnt very impressive to me. About unpar with halo graphically and at most jst a little bit better than halo.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3981d ago

All devs make crap games and that is a fact. You guys have to much faith in this game saving the PS3. Goldeneye was their first hit and Timesplitter's was multiplat for you to assume this game will be good while none of you have played it is just "dee dee dee" I just call it a Halo clone I have never said it was a crap game because that would be "dee dee dee" kinda like you are now.

SabreMan3981d ago

i just can't resist mmmmust try your comments are always worth reading

oh sod it IGNORE button it is

you buffoon why bother ??

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The story is too old to be commented.