The Guitar Hero Franchise… Not as Discontinued as We Thought?

It was announced months ago that Activision would be discontinuing their formerly successful Guitar Hero franchise, along with the highly rated DJ Hero franchise. Well, if the Pachman himself, Michael Pachter, is to be believed, one of these franchises may be poised for a comeback sooner, rather than later.

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NJShadow2664d ago

Ah, I always love these abrupt slip-ups. ^_^

Samus HD2663d ago

but its better than rockband (rockband is full of gay songs)

B1663r2663d ago

I hate to break it to you... But musicians are almost universally gay. A lot of them play straight as part of their stage show, but 4/5 of those heavy metal rock and rollers are all gay...

KrystofKage12663d ago

this whole thread is gay.

NJShadow2663d ago

But doesn't Rockband have 10x more songs, including those featured in the Guitar Hero games?

SilverSlug2663d ago

It has Judas Priest full album.. so technically right... but they rock.

Mottsy2663d ago

When there is money to be made Activision will be on it like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm. im sure that cow can produce a bit more millk.