SEGA Issue Official Aliens: Colonial Marines Statement

SEGA of America, Inc., SEGA Europe Ltd. and Gearbox Software today revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines is being prototyped and considered for the Nintendo Wii U. In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and developed by critically acclaimed studio Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines for this new gaming console is currently under construction by a dedicated research and development branch within the studio.

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Breadisgood2744d ago

All I've heard about Aliens Colonial Marines over the past couple of days is about the Wii U.

What about all the people who have been waiting for it on the other consoles? Can we have a little info on the game in general please, some gameplay would be nice as well.

ATiElite2744d ago

Sega's Aliens Colonial Marines has been confirmed for the PC 360 and PS3. that previous article had a flamebait title to make gamers think it was a WiiU Exclusive in which it is NOT!

Once again the game is coming to the PC 360 PS3 and now maybe the WiiU.

Breadisgood2744d ago

I didn't think it was exclusive, just annoyed that the Wii U version is the only one I've seen people talk about.

ForROME2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

MY GOD THANK YOU finallllllly ~ now show the dam game!

PS this better be on Xbox or PS3 otherwise they just wasted my time, and the potential of the games as well

bigjclassic2744d ago

Since SEGA will not say anything yet.


It better not be! Nintendos online functionality is absolutely crap so the online co-op potential of the game will have been wasted

nolifeking2744d ago

I doubt it seeing as sega is only considering bringing it to the wii u.

Pintheshadows2744d ago

It isn't. It was announced for 360, PS3 and PC. There has been media showing the game on multiple platforms. Plus it isn't even confirmed for Wii U.

Breadisgood2744d ago

Are there any videos of it running on other consoles?

By the way I didn't think this game was exclusive to the Wii U, I was just annoyed that the Wii U version is the only one being spoken about.

D2K2744d ago

This is multiplatform game. End of story. Move on.

rumplstilts2744d ago

How come everyone is saying it hasn't been confirmed for Wii U? It was in Nintendo's flipping sizzle real, they are talking about it here. God some people are thick.